The t shirt game lol

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AW: Re: The t shirt game lol

i have super power and did not know it,dammit.........

lol awesome work m8 :)
Lmao Jim, all so true :)
Best one: I am greek...whats your superpower
just lmfao :)))
im strong tills the finish cauze i eats my spinich im graham the sailor man toot toot


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good jod for t-shirt ,:) ,
a little question :the generic names of the end of the film ,sordids,sam,bond ,......., : that had to be done to be in this list ?
Nao07....i saw this picture at ur facebook profilepage........hope Lake dont watch now


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Cool T-shirts

and where is yours in the man-kini wiv a bit of plum showing?? that scottish one doesnt count

and when are they going to be printed?

i WANT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not a perv shirt as before......but wear this iff someone ask you to fix his computer......


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