the squad thing

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4 Aug 2012
hi all , recently i have been playing as squad leader quite alot and had some really helpfull polite squadmembers which has been great .
a few times i have actually noticed one person will actually stand by my dead body after he/she shot me and say "sorry champ"(yknow when you press Q and hear the voice) . seems like a very friendly sweet thing to do. yes i am a soppy custard at heart and i don't mind admitting that .

on occasion i have been invited to NRU only squads which is really appreciated and of course it will be great to play with fellow members (i am nearly there as full member) but i feel reluctant to desert the decent folk in my squad to join another squad (thats not an ego thing btw) . it would love to see some of these nice players take on the NRU tags and of course NRU peeps should show loyalty to one another but that could also be watching out for each other in game regardless of squad/team/side etc.

i have been asked to make room in my squad when it is full but i dont want to kick someone from squad to make room because that may be a nice person who may feel upset by that ? maybe . even a future NRU person.
i hope by my playing style and attitude out there, little lost bf2 souls may like the NRU server and NRU guys n gals and decide to make this their bf2 home .
(i know sometimes i will say the odd negative thing but it is not unwarranted most of the time).please correct me if i am wrong :}

the long and short of it is i hope we can promote a decent welcoming environment for all nice players on the server ....... surely this is the NRU ethos ?
on the other hand i dont think i would be as tolerant as some with repeat offenders , but hey ho .
and finally i really am sorry that i miss alot of in game chat , i have said it before i am not ignoring anyone on purpose .

well there you go , have i upset anyone ? hope not . kind regards to all, rich. :}
That is so nice how you want make new guys feel welcome and you think always so much other people. I think too it's not so important to win, i want everybody have fun and game is hard but fair.

Lol Rich i t-bagged you couple times at friday-night. :D You were not playing last night, hopefully tonight we go together hunting whores or t-bag each others. :D
Well Mr fuckoff with myself being the longest guy to have his pc repaired hopefully should be back soon with myself woking alot recently and my mate being busy I'm thinking of making a reappearance in BF2 and ya you will be my first that I that I will tbag :)
Sordids you cock I think you are just afraid of meeting me, I offered to fix that :)
Lol well a 6ft 5 brute of a bouncer can u blame me lol but no seriously it should be back soon if not ill ring u and have my gimp suit on ready for u
He just prob turned it off and waits to see who'll take the bait.. lmfao..


anyway.. on topic. i try many times to create a new squad if there's the odd nru cocks ingame and inform them to move into it if they wish.
That way no need to kick someone to make room or what not. Also on TS it doesn't matter imho if the other player not there or on the other side. If on opposite sides you can at least try admin the server better from both sides. Like a proper ham sandwich.
I'll have a strap on ready and waiting, I heard you like 2 at a time :)
Ok mac it's a deal dragon valley first then dalian then dragon then dalian and maybe fushee lmao

Oh shit, CoCkS are coming! lol

so when do i have an opportunity to lay my BF2 tbag on your nose? ;)
oh, and to the topic, have same thing sometimes Rich, i'd rather leave the squad by myself than kick someone from it
Re : the squad thing

aaaah my friend fucoff big heart ,i understand your words i'm a bit the same problem ,this is why i do not put more group leader ,the first reason for what i do myself more group leader is that nobody follows me ,,and i stay in a group if the group is united,,i have been called a join a group there is little time ,but i died 2 times next to the group leader who was a doctor,but he did not move me to revive ,i dot not understand people who are in a group but do not follow...failing to be in a good group i prefer to be a lone wolf.....
Re: Re : the squad thing

i died 2 times next to the group leader who was a doctor,but he did not move me to revive.

Somebody don't just care about others, mostly random guys are this kind. But sometimes it can be becouse running front of enemy tank or middle crossfire is suicide and then both guys dies. And as spawnpoint squad leader should try survive alive to give his squad short way to attack. I take often risks to heal/revive buddies and then i get killed. :D Lol our brave friend with big heart, Rich is sometimes difficult to heal. Couple days ago in Wake he runs alone with 50% health against enemyguys "ATTAAAACKKKKKK!!! WIN OR DEATHHHH!!!" and i try sprint to get close enough to heal him. :D :D :D
Re: Re : the squad thing

best news ive heard in ages..the 3 amigos Mac,Lee& Sam all returning to BF2

You know its where the cool kids hang out so hold onto your ball bags cos Badger and I have some 'welcome home'-type parties arranged for you mmwwhauhauauauauauauuauaa
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myhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the 3 stooges are returning muhahahahahaha who will we make rage quit firsrt mate lmfao
Played it quickly today and my god is it ugly, I don't remember it looking that bad :p
None of us u fudge packers it will be time ban for u too cocos then ok mac it's dragon valley time wait foe the moaning mac dragon dalian dragon dalian loooooooool
hey you heed fuds heres a t6aste of what your getting from the dream team lmao cocojay though5t he was for slapping me around but i pumpppppppppppped him like a special kid with only thumbs lmao

hey jim how did you do that
hey jim show me how to do that

lmfao what a kickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking spazzjay got from 1 1/2 of the dream team lmfao


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