The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

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21 Jul 2014
Churchilllaan 69, Delft, Netherlands
Beside gaming, i like strolling around. This is in Zuiderpark, City of The Hague. Also know for largest free festival Parkpop.
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This is my own Central Park. I need to work on the shrubs twice a year. To freaking hot for sun bathing and BBQ's. That's why I like the Zuiderpark more.
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This is an example of the 'quarter' i live in, called Laak Kwartier. This typical housing style dates back from the twenties and thirties as housing projects for people flocking to the big cities back then. This building style can be found shattered around in almost every large city (Eg Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen). In Rotterdam, due to bombardments in the second world war, is has relative little amount of this kind of homes.
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Re: AW: Re: The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

Well, there you go Chriskrass. My primairy vehicle.
20140723 2022371
If i need a car in private (timeshare rental):
Or for work:
The lost one is a joke..

- - - Updated - - -

@Loeft1: We might meet halfway someday and drink a few :)
Re : The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

Your ex-wife !?
You've just leave the car and the fridge to her !??...
And do not bash me on the car, it's from my ex-wife

Guys who have big and expensive cars are just hiding their "stubby grips" :rolleyes: I drive with old Corolla and every chick sees i have giant meat bat becouse im confident with my car. :cool: :tbag:
Very cool.I love sung the places you ask call home.I'll have to post something myself soon
Odp: The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

Fortunately, I have a VW Golf III, so not too big: D
After i was stupid enough to rebuild her kitchen...(have to do some finishing touches still)
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I got to use the car to bring the no longer needed fridge to keep Heikis mixed vegetables cool (or frozen...). My primary vehicle (see earlier) is not really fit for that...:(
Andy is so getting some big hairy kiwi fruits on his face next time i see him (even more than normally). :tbag:
One from the flat lands; for your comparison also one from last vacation in The Ardennes in Belgium:)
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De first one is in reclaimed land (polder) in the province of North Holland during winter time. Second one in the Ardennes near Spa in spring. Didn't took so much pictures as we were cycling most of the time (downhilling)
Homes awaiting demolition. Wasting money / improper planning: the sidewalk has just been repaved. And this is not Belgium ;)
20140912 193928
Some artwork:
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Pictures 2 and 3 are interesting examples of eye trickery and decorative illusionism.
It requires great skill in order to make a two-dimensional artwork appear to be three-dimensional.
I really like this special method of embellishing house façades.
Thank you, waxxzer. :)
I've been to Parkpop somwhere in the 80's
with my motorbike if I recall correctly (Moto Guzzi California '72)
it was very sunny that day :D
Odp: The Netherlands (Holland for the uneducated)...

The last photo Transmormer :)

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