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NRU Heed
today it was the day we are waiting for. lol

well, ok today you can watch the first episode of the grand tour on amazon. must say it was such great to see the 3 blokes again. if you compare this to this palrty guys from the new topgear i must admit you can´t compare this.

alone seeing how brilliant this 3 guys working together and one word going into a nother is brilliant. it feels not scripted and its just fun to watch.
only the last part with testing the 3 cars on the track was a bit long for me but the rest was really nice.

glen, you watched it completely now?
Yes I have watched all of it now (twice!). With them also having Andy Wilman as producer (also from Top Gear) they have basically the same production team and values. It did have the feel of trying hard not to be Top Gear and to be different enough not to upset lawyers too much. Also seemed to be an episode to outline what the show is and introducing the format, track etc. I would expect some things to be tweaked and evolve a little going forward.

Overall you felt they were having fun doing something they love and care about.
Interview with Andy Wilman about The Grand Tour. I found it interesting.

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Enjoyed the second episode. Really feels like Top Gear with tweaks, better production values and segments that could have been done on TG but not without the budget they must have. The SAS segment was funny with some subtle jokes too.

There are few things on TV series that I look forward to (most of the ones we like have been cancelled recently) but Top Gear used to be one. The next series without the ginger knob Evans needs to be at least good otherwise I think it will be cancelled. They must look at The Grand Tour and learn from it and not simply redo old ideas.
yes, watched it also yesterday. as always some good jokes and puns, some of them are good black humor. really like the running gag with the celebrities got killed before they can arrive at the show. not all is perfect and you still see some things had do be changed because of the legal requirements.

all in all it feels like the old top gear and its way way waaaay more interesting as the new top gear with evans and the awfull sabine. :D
well, this season is over now. wasn´t such bad and equal to the old top gear. some brilliant episodes and some not so brilliant one. still can´t compare the 3 boys with the new top gear because that was just crap.
hopefully there will be some "specials" also to come.
I thought the first few were very good. After that it tailed off but was as good as the old TG and repeat watchable. Isobel has seen some and being vegetarian wasn't too happy with the eco car episode but has found them funny and is OK watching them. I think they will have learnt from this series and the next one will be interesting.

Top Gear is back on soon without Evans but not really seen much apart from that single trailer. I've not watched a repeat of the last series at all and there is nothing that I want to see again.
Here's hoping that in the next season, that there's less digs at TG, and like yourself Glen, I've not been able to watch all of the episodes, I found it painful to watch Evans trying to hard. Also I found the TG Extra presenters did a better job than Evans ever did. Not sure on Le Blanc.
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Here's hoping that in the next season, that there's less digs at TG, and like yourself Glen, I've not been able to watch all of the episodes, I found it painful to watch Evans trying to hard. Also I found the TG Extra presenters did a better job than Evans ever did. Not sure on Le Blanc.

Thought Le Blanc on his own was OK. Like you think the Extra guys were not bad. They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable whereas Evans can afford cars but that was it.
Aye those lads have a passion for the cars, compared to Evans.
And if they insist on using Sabine Schmitz, they need to make sure that she doesn't quip something in German again, the studio audience was stood there thinking "wtf is she saying". I think they've dropped her and Eddie from being in the studio and just keeping them retained for any races, specials etc?
The Top Gear races in the last series were just too forced. When C, M &H did them it was more relaxed and the editing was much better. Also it felt as though they knew the Grand Tour was coming and was trying to out do it without knowing what IT was.

Although a lot of the Grand Tour team was exTG you kind of get the feeling they were learning what they can do and how to do it. Maybe having a lot of money was as factor too - you have to spend it but on what. They were also making a lot of effort not to be Top Gear. Most of the car "review" stuff was great and the smaller segments - I thought the Porsche launch control segment was very funny. Even when they go off topic it was watchable.
They have been filming but with Hammonds crash that will alter things. I would suspect the schedule would be similar to the first series.

Overall I thought it was a good series. There were some bits that were OK but considering they are trying not to be Top Gear it was a good effort and they will learn from it.

Thought the last series of Top Gear was a big improvement and enjoyed watching them. Still needs some work but much better than the first "new" Top Gear.
oh that would be my next question. the 2th season of new top gear is already on air?? nice, will give it a try next days.[/QUOTS]

Should be. Thought there was some good bits in it. With Chris SHOUTY Evans gone it is much better and the other two Extra guys are upfront now.
well, after watching episode 4 from season 2 must say i am a bit disapointed...
i watched the trailer and teaser from season 2 before it starts and was rthinking "oh, this wil be a brilliant episode" but the 4 episodes i watched wasn´t such good in my eyes. ok, there are some new or better feature as in season 1. the celebrity face off is really good, depending on the guest and also convesation street is good. but i miss someting into the movies ( car features ). maybe i need some kind of special episode lol
I have only watched 3 episodes so far. I think they have learnt some things from the first series but are still trying too hard not to be Top Gear but at the same time trying to be Top Gear. Maybe there are still legal limits to what they can do. It also feels a little bit like the illness and accident maybe mucked up filming schedules so they couldn’t do exactly what they wanted to do.

The segments seem to have cars but the focus isn’t on them in the same way. The Chiron segment could have shown more about the car and still be visually interesting.

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