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21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
Here we can post everything about France !

And let me begin with my town, Bordeaux, about which I've found a great timelapse video :

And this morning, I saw a TV coverage about L' Île Penotte, a quarter of Les Sables d'Olonnes.
Look at what they do on their house with shells : Google Image Search.
Re : The France's place

Paris, it's Bordeaux multiplied by 10 !!!....
Need more greenery, here, in my 2700 residents village, a village where I could pay for a house !
Here is my XI[SUP]th[/SUP] century church, where I never go ! (OMG ! My village is on Youtube !)
Ear the French talking accent over here !!!

We have a brewery too : ALIENOR BIERES
And as soon as you leave the village, here what you can see till the next village :
Re : The France's place

As I said in my first post, here is a photo, for the shell and sea food lovers !
Been to France a few times last couple of years (I don't include the early December day trip on the Eurotunnel to stock up on Belgian and French beer (i"m happy for you to keep the wine to yourselves) and cheese especially roquefort) and have enjoyed ourselves there. Good food, great scenery and nice people.
Re : The France's place

glen : you mean you don't like grape's juice !?
I'm not an everyday wine-drinker but it's so good with a good meal !
A different wine color for shells, red meats, cheeses (love them and even more since I can't drink milk anymore ! Roquefort : with butter and/or red wine !)
Do you know the raclette, the fondue savoyarde and the tartiflette ? With white savoyard (from Savoie in Alps) wine !

I could only drink beers with a sauerkraut ... or to start to be drunk in bikers' meetings, such as when I was a student !...

Nice people !? We're not reputed to be nice and welcoming people ...
We are shouting first and then, we say "Hello" !

Wanna surf the river :

There are ugly pictures too :

It's not Fukushima but Blaye and not the ocean but the river (wanna taste fishes !?)
... No Blaye, no BF4 !...
No windturbines, no tide-turbines, no solar panels in the department but some in the region.
Only bikes' dynamos if you want clean energy !

Crysis in France :

Let's build a new football stadium for Euro 2016 !...

For Friday night's bikers :
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