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[cT*] 5h00fly

[cT*] 5h00fly

Friend of the NRU
14 Jan 2013
hey guys and girls, I am going to take a break from your servers at the mo...
I feel I've tried to help all I can with admin but it just becomes a constant battle of people breaking rules, and if its not that its constant arguing and I'm not built that way no more, to much has gone on in my private life to get stressed out at superficial things I like to play a round or two and have a great time on team speak with all your admins, ( teamspeak isn't used nearly as much as your guys should for the amount of clan members you have...and using the... my English is poor... is just silly, but that's just my view ;)

certain players I feel are arrogant with there views... I'm all for having a laugh and I'm certainly not one for holding grudges, simple.... you break the rules, you get a warning, your rule break again it's kick! (my kick reasons are always colourful but I never do them to cause offence just the opposite) I never ban! unless I have too..

Monday I witnessed something I've never come across before on the server and it was political.. this player Gubo, who I have defended on numerous occasions for being a great player and defended him on the forum even though he gave me a snide comment ! (you're damned if you're damned if you don't) I have played a lot of hours on infantry only servers and I can hold my own on them, but some of the admins sometimes have issues with players with a certain player style and think there cheating,, when they have just like myself understand the physics of the game and the way to keep alive by either medic pack spamming to where your going to go... or in long distance shots is setting you gun to single fire mode and what is known as crouch spamming... you get maximum gun fire from groin to head and 99% of the time you kill rather than be killed. But I digress...

Gubo plays under the name 'Stalinsuncle' to which it caused serious problems on the server to which Scatha and I politely asked him to leave and come back with his gubo account as numerous player (both German) took great offence to that name!... to which his constant arrogance became a case of Scatha thankfully asking them to take it to the forum because Gubo is always is right... others are non educated.

Tonight I kicked a tank player with if you are going to a tank please take flags not to camp... he then came back with 'pathetic reason to kick admin'... 'we always kick the players and never the rule breakers', to which i replied well, name the players who rule break and just play on.. I did say please.

Gubo pipes I think he's Scottish that's as polite as he gets!'

So I had to leave the server, I cant be bothered with guys who think there superior to anyone else i'm always polite to anyone I can't be assed with bickering like children! I might be Scottish but race, religion and nationality has nothing to do with anything in this world, were are all here... to hopefully not fuck up the planet for our kids and future generations and regardless of anyone's nationality it isn't a reason to bicker, belittle, be racist or be nasty!

regardless to your nationality an asshole is an asshole no matter from which side of the pond you are from, and I feel rather than cause any arguments and as players think....we admins have a god like complex and kick because we are better than them, and we only kick because we hate being killed!

So long story short, I thank you for the privilege of giving me admin on your server but for the time I will be taking a break from them,... I'm going back to lone wolf as my Clan has disbanded and is no more so I no longer represent a clan.

I wish you all the love in the world, your families, and loved ones, it has been great to play again on your servers and I will return at some point in the future.. ;)

xxx 5h00 - aka Nige
wow... what can anyone say to reply to this ...Thank you nige but don't let the bastards grind you down (it works for me) its a game its for our enjoyment, please use the servers and don't get involved with the bs, you have been a very good friend of ours so I hate to see you so pissed off over a minority of players
point 1 missing you already "i realy am" the last few weeks have been a ball on skype or teamspeak with you mate,so i will keep my fingers crossed its a short break
point 2 this gubo/stalinsuncle is a fanny of the highest order,i have been told by an admin he is not a cheat "good enough for me" but an arrogant fanny is always going to be a arrogant fanny
point 3 it seems to go in cycles mate weeks and weeks with just a odd kick then boooooooooooooom the server is full of flying,tank whoring nobbers

its no fun sitting in the uncaps just reading the ingame text map after map or not playing and sitting in free view "like i know you have been doing" when all you want to do is have a laugh with your mates,and then if you miss somthing your a shit admin lol lol

i for one feel sad that you feel the need to have a break and im sure the whole of teamspeak will feel the same. plz hurry back to the server mate "or even a mess about on the i/o" we will kick anyone not on teamspeak just for you lmao

your a top lad mr shoo and o look forward to your return xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear 5h00, it makes me sad that you are about to leave. It's people like you we need on the server, we need your kindness, your humour and your graciousness to fight off all prats and egomaniacs along with their brainless cacophony and unreflected opinions.
If you feel the need to take a break, it's perfectly fine. The most important thing is that you will "come back and stay". :)
I agree with Jim, I am missing you already but I trust that your break will be only temporary.
Dear Nige, I wish you all the best things life has to offer, please take care! xxx xxx xxx
WTF don´t let the cocks come over you ....ehhh... you know what i mean :D

honestly, i am often in console and i know what you mean. the last weeks its often a pain in the ass to play a smooth round or/and to admin the server. like every year there is schoolbreak all over the world and servers are full of kiddies and a equal problem we have on the bf3 server.
its full of moaning, rulebreaking or simply annoying cocks ( no i not mean the regular NRU ones lol ). the last drop can be if you have to handle some regulars which mean they have to go the same way. so at this point i can understand you mate.

but thats no reason to throw you gun into the field. 2 or 3 weeks the schoolbrake is over and believe me than we will be going back to a more "normal" gameplay again.
Cant really trump what the others have already said Nige...goes without saying you'll be missed- you're old school genuine good guy of NRU

We all get frustrated from time to time with incidents playing battlefield but ultimately we keep coming back for more cos of our love for the games and the clan as a whole which means so much more than the odd fanny winding you up.

Dont be away too long fromage penis cos in a strictly non-gay way I miss your sexy silky smooth Scots brogue on T/S and should do voice overs in Ad's mate !

See you soon ,,Spunky x
Shoo shouldn't have to put up with such shit.take a break so and if u ever want to fuck about on an empty bf3 server I'm more than willing to mate. We all game to get away from reality for s few hours and I'm sorry to hear some cock has messed that up for u mate.take care and u know how to get sold off me if u wanna mess about
sorry to hear that nige but just reinforces my belief that we have a different type of player on bf now & for the most part they are arse holes, I cant remember the last time I played a round & had fun!! theres always whingeing arguing cheating rule breaking & bad manners.... & that's just jim!! seriously tho m8 sorry to hear you've had enough.
[cT*] 5h00fly;14014 said:
'pathetic reason to kick admin'... 'we always kick the players and never the rule breakers',

if that guy had said that i would probably have banned him for a round with the respond "dont disrespect your admin :-3" XD its okay mate, we will summon thou via ts if we are in dire need of reinforcement, till ya return we will try to hold the fort mate :)
theres always whingeing arguing cheating rule breaking & bad manners.... & that's just jim!!
LMAO spot on chip :D

shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck them fuck them fuck them hurry up back m8 and dont let them grind you down :D

but one good thing has come of this mate just think spunky is now going to miss you sooooo much now that he has recorded your voice on teamspeak and is proberly wanking over your smooth silky voice lmao
Hi 5hoo, it's sad to hear how some selfish/arrogant players made great nice player feel upset and quit. Take some break and when you start feel you want play again we are here waiting for you. I remember all fun late nights we played BF2 together, especially that one crazy early morning on empty server just we 2 goofing around and tbagging each others at Wake Island. Get better soon. :)
Re: Thanks guys and ladies &lt;3

I can only say you'll be greatly missed....dont leave you're stronger than Mel Gibson :) ....... I agree with many of your points/arguements even though the player you've protected (only cuz you're a

good man) is a cheat...unfortunately....been cheating for several years at the super@ and =E= servers (which i used a lot until the hacks,modders and macro users got unbareable), its where i

first noticed he's doing 40-60 kills per game at I/O servers with many pro gamers (his stat system does'nt make sense either, NOT TO MAKE ANY MORE DRAMA!!!!).

I was very glad when i found this server but lately (been exaggerated these last 3 months) theres been extreme cheating been going on.... which gives me STRESS..... and i really feel for all the players

looking for a good time because some people feels the urge to cheat because they have'nt mastered the game. But too much armour with no angle limits, over-heating and super speeds same goes for

many playing infantry plus you can see theres no recoil when they shoot all is in a perfectly straight line. I hope i don't sound like a hateful horse because it's only cuz i really like/dig this server and

most of it's users. So a damn shame if relatively few people will ruin a good thing. I think more check-ups on players (even regulars) and more strictness is the key but thats my personal opinion.

5hoo dont leave :)

- - - Updated - - -

dont know what happened to the layout but live with it :)
One of the nicest guys I've ever met online, a true gent.
Can't add anything more than whats been said above me so I'll just link this classic old tune from my younger years !

If somebody attacks and offends you take this attitude. :cool: Write to his chest "BANNED" :tbag:

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[cT*] 5h00fly;14014 said:
regardless to your nationality an asshole is an asshole no matter from which side of the pond you are from, and I feel rather than cause any arguments and as players think....we admins have a god like complex and kick because we are better than them, and we only kick because we hate being killed!

An admin kicks and afterwards if needed bans because, and excuse my language, SOME PLAYERS DO SHIT AND JUST WANT TO FUCK THINGS UP!
Yep as others said in the previous posts its sad to see you leave, but its not a goodbye its just a see you in a while! All good m8!

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