Thank request for admin PULO-79

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12 Apr 2013
bye bye zrdavím all .... I would like to apply for admin pomocnýho ... my name is Libor Pultar my nick is Pulo -79 am from Prague in the Czech Republic is 33let me I only have one and I play bf2 nick about 4 years I was writing the last team player time I play mostly on your server from a lot of players and admins know you are with you promptly and always caters to players still do not know what I said about myself and ask ok I'll see you all players bf2
hi pulo , nice to see you on forum and in game also . :)
Re : Thank request for admin PULO-79

hello pulo ,good player bf2 good luck with your application .
Hi Pulo, nice you joined here. :)

He is good and fair player, i would recommend him if he applys for membership.
well Im the guy who kicked you tonight with your killing constantly with armour and driving off from the flag,... i died 4 times by you! at one flag! so learn to play fair... and why i kick for constant spawn raping don't come back in .WITH ADMIN WHY KICK LOL???...

Because I don't wear NRU tags doesn't give you the right to play like coco

regards 5h00.
Lol crap... I said just couple good words about his behavior what im seen on server before. And 4 hours later he gets himself kick for spawnraping lol. :D :D Way to go. :welsh:
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ive played in game with him before and had no problems with him how ever im sure we can teach him the error of his ways if not im thinking of going to prague to look at another czech wolf dog in a month or two so i can go visit:)
it is solved, I kicked for unfair play, he apologised, so did I ;)
all is good.

...........subject closed ..... ;)
That's a good and bad news all together...
1st Welcome to the forum Pulo and to the No Fly field :)
2nd Sorry to hear about your kick - hope you will be more aware of fair play now. If you don't sure about our ways of gaming feel free to ask ingame and here on the forum

Good Luck with your app and see you on the field
Hi PULO...........cant remember you,but welcome here and have luck wiyh ur app
Thank you all for the positive contributions thanks very Bye bf2 and well-being: D: O
hey pulo welcome to the forums mate XD (i told you guys to watch out, cause ALL the regs are applying now ;-) ) ((poor heeds XD))
I stand wiv mr Shoo here

PLAY FAIR !! Don't be a coco !!

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