Sweney household happenings

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15 Mar 2012
hi guys i haven't been gaming as much as id like and here's why .. many of u know my 2nd son Aiden was born of 12-12-12 and a few days after that they thought he had dextrocardia ... or his heart on the right side instead of the left. well after a trip to the cardiologist it turns our his heart is healthy (woop woop big worry off my shoulders) but she noticed his left diaphragm is a bit high and because of it his heart is moved over a bit... on the plus side his heart is normal and where it should be. but this Friday my boy has to go under anesthesia and have a CT taken to see what if anything is causing his high diaphragm on the left side.ill keep u posted on here. i just thought like sharing with u guys because you are my family .....albeit..... a sick and twisted bunch ... but i wouldn't have u any other way
All the best to you and yours Sweney..You gotta take care of the family first, fragging an tea-bagging can always wait
hi sweeney i can appreciate what it must be like for you having two little ones myself. they are a precious gift to us . sincerely hope all goes well and it all turns out to be something and nothing .
regards, rich.
i got a flat tonight
im going to have to get 15k of debt for a new car
spunky slapped me on bf2 last night
my daughters wanting cash for a new washing machine

all the above seemed important to meuntil you read sweeneys post and put into perspective the mean fuck all in the grand scale of things

thousands of miles away from you mate but my thoughts are real close
as all have said tom, sincerely hope everything goes good with Aiden and the doctors, big hugs to him, Abe, the lovely mrs Sweney and yourself brother ;) x <3
best of luck brother, hope everything goes well

Best wishes, hope it will be allright soon :)
Good luck bud, sure everythings gonna be fine
Hope all is OK fella. Keep us posted.
thanks for the kind words guys todays the day i have faith that the people at the hospital will do a great job but its my baby boy. ill be on tonight to udate and some rounds of BF3
Re : Sweney household happenings

i share your anxiety Sweney,.........
my youngest was born premature large ,it is only 4 months in advance,it is still 3 and a half months in the incubator hopitale,i did 300 km every three days to see him ,there 2 years ago .but in one month he shall return it operates to a testicle that has not descended,
i say this to tell you that i understand your anxiety ,,good luck sweney ....
all is well guys his ct scan was done at 2:30 now he just needs to sleep off the ansthesia and he will be home in 2 hours.Nao sorry to hear about your little boy. i hope all goes well next month
Re : Sweney household happenings

i'm happy for you and good rest now ,,,
for me ,i'm fear and anxiety of ,,,but i am confident ,(that because he was born he was 26 centimeters to a weight of 820 grams)<--- Now he is 2 years old and he goes very well ,this is why i am confident ,,
BUT here is the thread Sweney small and not over my little Tao (TAO its first name)......

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