sweet spot for tank killing?

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16 Feb 2013
Can any experienced members advise if there is a particular area on a tank or APC to aim for when using an AT rocket? generally it seems to take 3 or more hits to kill a tank and at least 2 to take out an APC. Obviously previous damage is a factor and whether there is an Engineer driving or close by, but is this hit rate correct? Any advise on this would be much appreciated, I am keen to develop my tank killing skills as I see this is an important role in NRU in the absence of air power and the occasional appearance of "tank whores"
To get a 2 shot kill in BF3 on tank hit it straight on from behind and not from an angle this will cause more damage and destroy it alot faster, hope this helps
So square on up the arse, it has some poetic justice for tank whores, thanks Andy I ll give it a try:welsh:
To get a 2 shot kill in BF3
This is BF2 section ;)

From what I remember is the weakest part of the tank in bf2 either in between the track and the hull of the tank or in between the turret and the hull?
Tank => Aim to tracks, that deals 50% damage from front or back. Hit to sides make something like 30% damage. Avoid hittint strong upside parts of tank.

APC and AA-vehicle => Always 45% damage, no matter where you hit them.

Here some tips too how make life of tank whore miserable:

Jihad-jeeping: Put C4 to DPV or FAV and take remote ready. Drive to the tank, bail out and BOOM! If tank don't notice you, back off more to avoid damaging yourself. This technique of tank busting is very effective on wide open maps like Highway Tampa or Operation Smoke Screen.

TOW/HJ-8: Use them if you know there is enemy vehicle coming to your flag, one hit to tracks can destroy tank and APC where ever you hit it.

Mines: Put them to places where they are hard to see like grass, water, shadows, ends of bridges, etc terrain. Well placed mines are maybe easiest kills what you can get.

Hopefully that helps you. :)
Spotting is too very important, it gives your teammates some extra time to prepare ambush when tank whore arrives. Also jihad-jeeping is easier if you know where enemy tank exactly is, then you can plan how you get behind it for surprise attack.
gor tanks in BF2 u can kil a tank with 2 shots to the tracks front or back it doesnt matter
if you hit a tank in the top of the tower, you can take out any armor with 2 hits only

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