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New Member
26 Aug 2016
Sup! I'm Tom, my origin is ElaxRS. Love the server, so I got told to come here to sign up.. so here I am :)
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feel welcome here tom. just saw you are totaly a virgin in bf4. so wait for it lol
Yup, it's my first FPS game since COD: Black Ops hahaha, still getting used to it :)
He used the COD word! Ban him!

Need any help or anything let us know, here to help!

Haha, hence why I stopped playing after Black Ops. I was a big fan of the WWII ones on PS2, the new games not so much.
Hello and welcome, Tom :)
nice to meet ya tom will be looking forward to letting ya taste my buns on the server ;-) cya on the field, and welcome to Battlefield! XD

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