Summer Is Coming

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Really nice views. Love the colours too. Can just imagine having a tourist meal of feta salad and moussaka (no baklava though - just don't like that). :)

There was a lot of aurora activity last night and we and loads of clouds too.
no baklava though - just don't like that
Baklava is good :D well at least the one we have here haha :D
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Nice Pics. We didn't have such a beautiful sky yesterday but when the sun was gone there was a clear sky with loads of stars.
This tranquil mood along with these fantastic colours are more than fascinating!
Already booked two summer tickets for my best friend and me... Still one month to wait for new sound of TM but Amazon has the first new one to listen too...


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Because its open air I can post pics of the stage with the sky in the backround later ;)
Never heard of them before - reminds me of early Pink Floyd.
Former Singer of a band called Sonic Youth. Rolling Stone magazine gave him a award for the best rock guitar player last year or the year before...
Sth different now: "the summer is coming! I have seen him!" :) IMG 20170329 WA0000

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