Sudden instability and unusual driver issue.

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New Member
13 May 2014
South West England
Hey guys,

Just tried to log into some of my usual servers today and found that I receive an error message along the line of "disallowed program/driver 120101" I got this message several times on different servers and don't understand why it's happening. To my knowledge none of my software has updated, I have started playing with a new mouse but I've been using it for 3-4 days now so not sure why there would be a delay as the drivers for it installed when I started using it. Has Punkbuster updated and my client not auto updated or something? When ever that happened in the past it never used to give me this error message.

Now (roughly an hour later) my issue is that BF2 CTDs as soon as I try to join a server and Origins' resolution changes.

Does any one know what on earth this means? I've done a bit of searching and it doesn't seem uncommon but I can't find a code that matches the 120101 that I recieve.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm not too tech savy.

You probably won't find a match for the code from what I understand pb don't explain what they actually reference. Are you running any programs while playing bf2? Have you tried updating you video drivers, normally ctd relates to drivers/bf2 settings files so you might wanna check them in your documents folder (from what I remember)
I'll try updating my video drivers and look into updating PB as well.

I have chrome running in the background but I've tried running BF2 without it (including closing the background elements in task manager) and it's made no difference.

I'll try switching back to my old mouse but I've never been too fussed by the 3 other buttons on my mouse, I have enough trouble fumbling round with the keyboard and the standard mouse setup.

I thought it was a bit of a weird progression going from being kicked out of games with the error message to CTDs on trying to enter.
They technically shouldn't be linked, but with computers who knows :p
I had this problem in the has something to do with punkbuster not running the most current version out something like that
Well I've updated my drivers, updated punkbuster tried going back to my old mouse and there's been no change :/ I'm going to do a full reinstall of BF2 and Origins and see if that makes a difference. If that doesn't work then I'm pretty much out of ideas.
Cheers for the suggestions guys, the reinstall fixed the instant CTD on loading BF2 (that developed after the CTD from joining games).
I just jumped on to one of the @SUPER servers to see if the original error message cropped up again and it didn't. Instead I got the error "This PB Server Requires (A1393 C2.306)-Error loading pbag" so I'm going to try updating PB again I guess.
At least it's progress even if it is still broken.
Thanks again for the advice.
Just a quick note to say I'm convinced this issue is resolved, played several rounds with no issue. Not sure what triggered it but I'll know what to do if it happens again.

Cheers for the help.

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