Suav Victims 3993 To 3999

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Oooooooh! Yes! Funny how even the 3999th victim called me a SUAV noob! What number of victims do I need not to be a SUAV noob?
I would understand that people gets annoyed by guys who for example spams mortar from round to round in Rush. But i dont understand moaning about SUAV noobing. SUAV is quite unsteady and battery ends so fast you have to hit enemy with first try maybe in bad angles. It needs skill and its so unpractical its funny special kill in my books. Someones are just like big babies, everything what kills them is noob or hack or something. :D
It is a bit like UCAV in that you do need to practice with it. I think my record was 5 kills with one SUAV. You need to just clip them enough for the kill but not enough to damage the SUAV. Helps if you get 2 or 3 lined up in a row though!

You would think that being OK with a SUAV would help in a jet. It doesn't I hate/admire people that are good in jets. Heli pilots are different from jet aces, you still need skills but a different sort. They say practice makes perfect but that doesn't apply to me in a jet or a heli even after listening to advice and watching videos. Give me a 757 and I would be OK, I can land one of those.

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