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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
If anyone wants SUAV training let me know but here are a few tips.

  1. The battery will last long enough to get across most maps (apart from the really big ones) and you get another one after a minute or so.
  2. When you first get it the SUAV can be hard to handle. Initially just fly it straight and level and make slow turns with it. Once you get the hang of that you can try tighter turns which is the advice for flying jets too (but that never works for me in jets).
  3. If you are just starting with it make sure you use it to spot with. Spam that Q key as it will spot vehicles and soldiers in quite a large area. If you are squad leader you will also end up giving orders to attack flags quite a bit!
  4. Killing with the SUAV. You can aim at someone and as long as you hit them you should get the kill. Initially I found the two ways to attack were to go high and then dive on to the target. This works well as they can usually hear the SUAV coming but don't always see it but be prepared for the victim to move and adjust accordingly.
  5. The other way is to stay (very) low and sneak in that way. Takes a bit more practice but is very effective. This way also helps to evade laka's AA mines which will take you out. If you lose a SUAV to an AA mine remember that it won't be there next time!
  6. Multikills - you will find that quite often you get the kill but the SUAV will still be flying. You can go around and get someone you missed or go to another area but keep an eye on the battery level.
  7. Once you have practiced you can also get the SUAV through buildings to take out people. On Shanghai and Hainan take out the windows first as the SUAV will not go through glass. Then it is practice to learn where you can go. You can get the SUAV inside on Locker but that takes a bit of luck along with the skill you have acquired. :)
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