Star wars battlefront 3

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17 Mar 2012
For all like minded here is the new star wars game ,looks pretty nice =for me=
hope my AMIGA 500 will run this game ;)

what you think about it,maybe some of you buy this game ?

mmmmmmmmm I was excited but less so now, sort of still just feels like a BF4 reskin not bringing anything new to the Battlefront games (in fact taking stuff out)
because its a DICE and a EA game i will do the fuck to buy this game before i got some reviews how its really is and even more how its working. lol not willing to pay lot of money and then it will not run or the server are full or anything else.
Agree with Sam: seems like they use the BF4 platform to produce mods labelled "new" games i.e. BF Hardline and now SWB3...

Sorry EA, as with BFH you will not get any cash from me (unless they're on "crazy sale")...
Not really a Star Wars fan so I doubt I would splash any cash for this. If it was really cheap then maybe though. Saving my money for BF5 Premium Beta! :)
Odp: Star wars battlefront 3

The game has already leaked to the network a few months before the premiere. You can see how it looks in reality;)
The E3 videos show a pretty "casual" game for noobies like Heikki the old cock

noooo i think i want to play it but it will be short fun... but it looks awesome ;)
some of us are playing star wars battlefront already.

i had bought it also at the weekend and i was very pleased to download around 22 gb. :cry:

it has really a amazing grafic and also a nice playstyle. this playing over several "floors" into the endor woods is brilliant. most of this maps are looking just brilliant.

but i used the money back option today after 2 days trying because the point i don´t like is the speed of the gameplay. its like clusterfuck on each map lol even more you have on most of the maps a corner or spot where everone is stow and its more a big camping fest.
ok, maybe only my personal feeling, but i think the beginner guns are really shit and if you play against some higher levels you have no chance to get them down. this brings me even more a spawn, dead, spawn, dead feeling and i don´t like it.

big point to hit the money back button was also the price. 59,99 € for the basic game was too much for me because i think i will not have the time to play this regular in the next weeks because i have lot of work stuff to do, we are waiting for the welps :) and i am waiting for bf4 dragon valley also. this means no big time to play battlefront.

maybe i will give it a try if it comes out to a special price than i think its a good choise.
I expect its just BF4.1 with Star Wars theme/skin and over prized buggy ripoff. :D Now im sure im not gonna waste money to it, thanks laka. :)
exactly i dont have the money to pay 60 euros for a game i will not play on long term ;)
pretty overpriced when you see its the bf4 engine with some new maps and models ;) same as hardline - ok hardline was worse ;)

graphics seem to be majorly updated though, but that i dont care about ^^
and if you buy premium you pay the same as bf4 ^^ better waiting for bf5 in 2016 :D

i visit the cinema for star wars episode 7 (thankfully with original voices ;) and NOT with german translation thank god) next thursday thats enough star wars for 2015 i think ;)
I expect its just BF4.1 with Star Wars theme/skin and over prized buggy ripoff. :D Now im sure im not gonna waste money to it, thanks laka. :)
i concer mr scar :-3 personally i prefer BF4 even though i AM a star wars fan i suddenly find im happy i didnt buy the game XD also i figured why but another "battlefield game" so soon after ive started playing BF4 :-3 no ill keep my Money posted for BF5 Armageddon when it comes out in 3rd quarter 2016 :-3 DAMN i cant wait!! XD

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