st mathiu limousin

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17 Nov 2012
bedford, uk
this isnt near me its my brothers place when i go AWOL this is were i can always be found to me its heaven on earth..

nice place to catch carp's one of my favorite fish after the pike-fish to catch


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*Taking picture of me with packet of fish sticks* Then i can take part this Bald guys and fishes -thread. Trollolol. :welsh:
where is that photo of that handsome bald guy and his fish sticks waiting,or do i have to help you Heik to catch them
prooi i make pike spinners i love my pike/zander fishing :)

I usually use death bait for pikes and zanders,and if it is difficult for the police to reach then I use live bait ...for perch i use litle spinners
Re : st mathiu limousin

i have a friend who take some big cow [video=youtube;EcNrrzQXvzg][/video]
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Re: Re : st mathiu limousin

I love your sweatshirt !!!...

i would say the same thing ,LOOOL ,:eek::)...

rommelz very nice place and very nice carp ,:) ,,,,,,,,,,, i also love fishing ,i fishing a pike and perch ,my biggest pike fishing i was 80 cm ..
Lol i like that sitting in boat, talking shit and maybe drinking beer or couple in sunshine. :D That is nice too when you get big fish and fight against it. But when it's in your net bag then "sporty fun part" ends and you have ugly slimy smelling disgusting creature in your hands. :p That is just gross to me, lol i know im mysophobic sissy. :D Once when i was highschool aged teen we had to make something fish food at home economics lessons and needed eviscerate some fishes, i did it lol but teacher did not appreciated that i throw up to sink of kitchen lol. :rolleyes: That's why i would rather pose with packet of fish sticks. :D
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NOW YOUR TALKING ! I too am a carp angler but dont get that much time to go fishing these days but still manage a trip to France every year around may for a monster or two. 5/6 of us go, we hire the whole lake we get breakfast and evening meal, bivvyd up on the bank, no nagging wife.........LIVING THE DREAM........
im a bailiff on a few stretches out my way good private barbel water too:) do a search for wold farm shooting and fishery in poddington bud:)
check these out:) ive seen these put on 10lb in a year!

one of the origonail stocked carp

and a nice 12.5 lb barbel:)
I was a bayliff for 28 years for Leisure Sports (part of Redlands, they own Thorpe Park best pike water in this country) and fished mostly a place called Stanstead Abbotts in Hertfordshire. Im getting too old to cart all that fishing gear around car-lake-car with maybe a move or two (you know what Im talking about). This is now my fishing heaven, bang in the middle between Rennes and Le Mans, english owner, english food and the Guiness in France tastes as good as it does here. take a look.
Rommelz you handsome bastard are you sure you don't have kids with finnish women? You look so "old me" i want DNA-test. :D
i dont look that bad im nearly 50:) good women good fishing and good sweet shirts keeps me happy:)

@riz im not far from you only bedford
my ole man used to drive trucks for redlands when they run bricks out off stewartby
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ROMM these are for you


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