Springtime Photos from my garden

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Nice picture there Teo, Is that Tea or coffee and also cake in the sun what more can you ask for....
Think we all need to pay Teo a visit at some point :joker:
And of course we'll bring the lovely Manuela along with us :p
Red, yellow, blue, pink – your garden resembles a blaze of fireworks when it comes to colours and scents.

I hope that you, weather permitting, can spend many hours in your little paradise relaxing in this lush haven of tranquillity.

Beautiful flowers, stunning views, magnificent pictures, Teo. :)
Looks a nice place to relax and enjoy some quiet time. Our garden must be about six weeks behind that with only early signs of things starting to grow. Thanks for sharing.
A superb sun-lit garden, marvellous shrubs and trees, lovely flowers, rich wildlife – what more could you wish for?

I like the pictures with the acrobatic field mouse, they’re really cute.

Thank you for sharing, Sascha. :)
Nice to have a look in to your garden, realy like the bumblebee nests, that I must try for next year :)

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