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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
stoke on trent uk
was just wondering,is it possible to sponsor a bot with the name jigaPiP on the no fly server a will pay for that bot feed kill water kick and do as i see fit for that bot ...how much for 1 jigaPiP bot ? plz thx
and do i get birth certificates for it.from the NRU sperm donners..??

- - - Updated - - -

you may ALL be witnessing a birth muhahahamuhaa
Yeah donate 5 bucks or more and a Bot will have your Name for a month!!!!! New marketing idea!

And no one cares about your asshair Lakay :nurse:
hair the bot,, got a tbag too it !!

- - - Updated - - -

closed thx anyway!!

- - - Updated - - -

jigaPiP has left the building
its $5 per month, I've ordered them its for all 8 so not bad value... we can't change the files anymore they stopped us so we have to pay, lol...

so its jigaPiP 1st the rest will be on a first come first served basis...pm'd to me... keep them clean : )
Sounds good then all can T-Bag the bot saddlebag and leave me alone for a while.....lol

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