Spectating Cheats


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3 Apr 2019
Hi guys,

Could someone please provide an iIDIOT's guide on how to spectate players?

Quite often there will be a dodgey player on the server and I have always found the best way to spectate them directly.
I am more than happy to spend time watching suspected and cheats and dealing with them accordingly (big boot)

In the past (on other games) I have always used either and rcon program or something similar but I have never played any previos BF games and have no expereince of how it works.
Thanks in advance and dont forget - IDIOT lol


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3 Mar 2014
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There is Not really another opinions to control a Player. Just joining as spectator and watch him.

I only once had a really Idiot as cheater banned. Not really have to join as spectator, because He fly around the Map. Without jet and Chopper. 😂


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lol its even harder in bf4 as ever before....but we can be glad that we have a lot of "tools" helping us find cheats and suspicius player. this tools mostly looking for "unnormal" skills/kill/stats and doing there job serverwise. when you have a look in our current banlist you can see a lot of this automatic bans (we have over 1000 in the server banlist, this is only the list after last hostchange )

i can write down the way i am looking about dodgy player, maybe its helpfull.

1. and really first, i put the playername in this link.
than i have a first view about his playtime and skill. when there is guy with high KD, points or whatever and i saw he is having thousands of playtime, than i pressume a lot more that he is just good.

2. i check the links on the right site of the page. mostly "linked assestment" right, buttom down. sometimes there are other accounts ( second account ) with linked suspect cheating.
than going into the bf4db link and have look there. you can update the playerstats when you are signed in there. if there is a any cheatpercent shown you can be sure it is worth a deeper look.

after all this i am decide to have a look as spectator or not.

switch to 3. person view so you can see what the player is seeing. look how fast he is aiming at enemies or how he is moving to a enemy who he can not see from his position. doing spectator is more to find some "impossibilities" in the playstyle of someone. is he aiming thrue hills or houses or just to long distance target he can not see from who he is? something like that. its hard to explain, sometimes something to do with feeling and sense. you are looking 30 kills and 3 of them are not possible in your opinion, that can be the way to doing it right :)
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27 Dec 2018
Agree what Laka said. I made a mistake once with player who shot me through the bars,but it def looked like through wall , so spectating is a must if suspeced cheating


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How do you join as a spectator?

ok, we starting with the beginning :D

or just over origin/battlefield plugin. start the game as always and then you can go into your fav servers, than hoover your mouse over the servername. after that you can see the 3. points on the right site. click on that and you get the menu to join as spectator or and some more ;)


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15 Mar 2012
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Have to admit that I am useless at spotting cheats whilst spectating. I try and be objective and also think that they may have a great PC and monitor that will give them an advantage. Or to be honest have a crappy PC like mine which can also be an advantage. Mine sometimes seems to take a few microseconds to create the frame and other players are displayed before all the terrain and scenery is added. The consequence is that there are times that you do know where players are but I haven’t and never would use that to my advantage.

some I have watched because of cheat accusations are just good and anticipate where potential targets are or could be. Some are just lucky. I have had an occasional round where I managed to rack up more kills than deaths due more to excess coffee rather than an injection of skill hormone. So I always try and keep that in mind too.

Yesterday I got killed (which is not in itself unusual) but the llama sense tingled a bit. Then someone else complained to so it was time for llama spectating to be implemented. In this case it was obvious that the player had some enhancements as they were aiming at objects and following something. Then taking a shot as the other player appeared. There were no other clues to anyone being there. Watched this happen twice before banning them.

It is worth spending some time “watching” other players as it gives a perspective when it comes to watching for those suspected of cheating. I would also ban them and use suspected or suspicious in the reason. Just gives a bit of wiggle room if you are not 100% sure.