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16 Oct 2012
I played the SF server today with mr. Scatha and mr. Spunky, and we all wondered what the rules are on the server, because one complained about aircombat, but nobody ever said that its nofly.

Do you want to copy the rules of the other server or allow aircombat, because I personally think that flying on SF is not as overpowerred as i BF2 :D

Could you please define some rules for the server????

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PS: pleeeeeeeeease make a no hopping rule it was absooooolute horrible with all these bunnies !!!!
sounds good to me .... then i can use miniguns on choppers sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet they sound awesome :)
there is a thread about it already, i think i members area
It would be nice to have the bots in the evenings after No fly started on SF and then mornin gs back to No Fly.
Also we need ingame rules.
1. No Spawnkilling/attacking uncap
2. No jumping in combat
3. No Commander
So have we reached a decision on the rules for SF ?

Will my admin work on there or does it need to be enabled ?
Errrrrrrrrrrrrm if I remember right I copied over the admins (unless someone wiped them for fear of it messing up the console) you should have it, if you had it on the BF2 server at them time
Samoz - tried to warn a player for aircombat on SF server - nothing happened - so wasnt sure if air comabt IS allowed ?? or my admin not working on SF. It was working fine on No Fly last night :)
If you tried with shortcuts not sure if they're set up, is anyone on a computer with Bf2cc to check Watugi is on the list for SF?
Yes tried with a shortcut.

There has been a degree of confusion on the SF server today. No desision appears to have been reached about air combat as yet, but the "bots" are mostly suggesting that air combat is not allowed. I know this is because we copy them across from the No Fly server to save work for the heeds.

But to preserve the image of our clan, I think we need to decide quickly what rules we want on there and then if we are going to allow air combat we need to re name the bots.
Or just say no air combat and then carry on as normal !

Just my humble opinion for your valued consideration :)
First can a heed PM the login detail for SF console, second please change the loading screen and ingame rules to ( I would suggest)
1. No Baserape/Spawnkilling
2. No jumping in Combat
3. No Commander
With less aircraft we should allow aircombat also I think Commander is not needed on a server with 10-12 players on.
Also it would be nice to have the SF server on Gametracker.
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