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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Had a sparrowhawk visit the garden this morning. Was there for about 20 minutes before it got spooked by a couple of magpies. Usually we only see males so this female is an unusual sight.
Taken using Pentax k-5 II and a Sigma 70-300mm at about f5.6 and 180th sec and an ISO of 1600. Not as sharp as I would like but that is because it was through the double glazing and blinds!

More photos on Flickr:


  • Sparrowhawk (1 of 8).jpg
    Sparrowhawk (1 of 8).jpg
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This bird was there for about 20 minutes which is unusual. Try and keep a camera ready just in case we get something new or different in the garden. But even then sometimes you have to be quick as it is can be fleeting visit. Have tried setting up the GoPro on timelapse at usual perching places but have yet to be lucky with the sparrowhawk.

We used to get badgers in the garden - wish I had the GoPro then.
Well Mrs Sparrowhawk was back today and this time it was for lunch! She grabbed a starling and was on the ground with it. There were a load of crows causing a fuss which eventually spooked her and she flew off with her catch.

A few more pics can be found here:


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    Sparrowhawk face on.jpg
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If the crows come to my back garden, I shoot the fekkers , and magpies too , especially .

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