Sourdough Bread Making

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Once you have created your sourdough starter making the bread is pretty simple. You don't need yeast as that is what the starter is there for.

Warning! The video contains graphic and gratuitous slo-motion video clips! :D
A very good instructional video for all aspiring bread bakers. :)

Nice one, Glen, thank you.
I must have tried about a dozen different starter recipes before this one and all never worked. This one can be taken from the fridge, fed and next day used and put back in the fridge until needed. Takes about a week to make the starter but it really does work (recipe is in one of the other threads). The bread is really nice too. Still not quite like Californian sourdough but close.

The slo-mo is quite sexy though!
Latest sourdough loaf. This one has spelt and rye flours in addition to the normal white flour. Cost to make this loaf is about 40p / €0.5. Cost of a "sourdough" in supermarkets is about £1.80 and if you go to an artisan baker then £3 or more is not unusual. A German loaf at the Edinburgh Christmas market was £4 but felt it was worth it.


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This bread just looks great and I am sure it tastes delicious.
An outstanding piece of work, Glen :)
Thanks for your kind comments. It smells amazing and I'm sure it will taste good too. I'm so pleased to have found a sourdough recipe that works after years of trying many others. We used to be able to get Krusteeze sourdough mix which was good but Costco stopped stocking it. Tried various commercial starters and add-ins but none were ever successfull. Ignoring the initial effort making the starter, this loaf took about 10 minutes to make (plus 40 minutes baking time).
Ingredients are similar to my latest loaf but the proving process is different. That looks rather nice so I will have a go at that next time.

Bread is rather like beer in that you can have similar ingredients yet can produce so many different styles and flavours.

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