Sosnowiec Poland some vid hometown

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24 Jan 2014
Poland Sosnowiec
(I had to answer the topic Chris, but I decided to wear new)


But basically most people in Poland do not have the time or opportunities to entertained. More literally like a fight to the survival every day and having the accounts every month on contact.

That's why I think from long time on leave in your hand for better and quieter life, I think of the English I had no problems, at work not once I gets along in English with people from other parties even better than with my compatriots

Bless brothers and sisters :)
AW: Sosnowiec Poland some vid hometown

Nice modern City,looks pretty good,i remember the old poland when i stay first time in Konin (town of my ex wife) 1996,too much Grey buildings no flowers and a lot of drunken cops lol,but always nice People,and finally after one bottle VODKA every polish guy speaks a Little bit German,dammit everytime after my poland vacation i Need 1 week to sober up.
thx for sharing brat :)
good choice to make your own here , thank you for sharing zimkowski ,:) ...
i've never seen poland just memories of my paternal narratives grandmother .... happy to see thank you :)

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