Sosnowiec my home town

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24 Jan 2014
Poland Sosnowiec
hi :) now its time for me ;d here I show my home Town Sosnowiec in Poland on the south of country its the Zag³êbie in the centre of the ¦l±sk I love my town and I live here from the beginning of my life only on 2006 I'm go to Spain for two years an come back to Sosnowiec I have hope you like my place and I wants to invite you to my City

this picture was captured my self. 19042010201 18042010193 01042010066 01042010064

third photo captured in the centre of city, presents the crest of my football team but I am no a fan of my team but love the place and that's its his symbol. we are very attached to smearing the walls :eek: but I'm rarely do this ;d

I have a lot of photo to send you will be soon, from the trips and view what it is behind my window :)

bless ;)

( and again I spend 0,5 hour on the translation and correct text, many times edit this post ;d it is important be understand good because I have check first what I write and that was terrible :eek: )
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Hello Mateusz, thank you for sharing :)
Odp: Sosnowiec my home town

here I have more photos that is is from my window and also one few paces from my place living :) on the one you can see my cat and two others on the roof ;d
02062010305 29062010400 DSC 5413 05072010411 DSC00548

ONE more I have nao you be like this ;d Add with nice look of sky ;d
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j'aime numéro 2 and 5 :)
photo 1 espoir Que Les Fenêtres de la salle de bain Est piramide du voisin lol ... ;-).
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Odp: Re: Sosnowiec my home town

lol unfortunately not. :( there is nobody and on that white object who is nearer of my window is a locker room for a mechanic :arg: so I got nothing interesting for watching beside cats and the sky also 365 day in year I have obscured the curtains so be left only monitor of the computer :)
AW: Odp: Re: Sosnowiec my home town

Mr.Nao there`s somethink strange on Image 4 and 5,can you see the UFO´S loooooooooool :)

nice Pictures zim thanks for sharing.

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