sorry heeds in advance muhahahahaha

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sascha, you noob :) that's the cleanest oxford english i ever listened too!!!!

"German Lamb!!!" :) :) :)
As always another Badger high point.

I especially admire his commitment to mocking admins 'especially Heeds' lmao .

Jim reminds me of John Belushi of Animal House fame , every Delta house has a Bluto and Badgers our very own Bluto .......'TOGA...TOGA!!!!' lmao

And the good news is after a small break from BF2 duties I will be returning alongside Badger as brothers in arms to take on allcomers and molest you with our nutsacks and evil medic at will
I like the little smile before the talking serious face, smile, serious face
The only I have understood was: thats a german, german bastard Lmao. And that jim is on a mission...
I welcome t-bagged him today couple times at Sharqi and Blue Pearl. :welsh:
@laka you wana have a telephone conversation i had with spoony,i could only understand bits lmao but jim im glad your back you old cock
I understood every word :) badger for president,! Jim go drop those nuts on the easily offended. You've been t baggin for years and you are damned good at it! #BadgerArmy
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Who is the German Fucker? :D

I need some subtitles too :tbag:

(well not all the time tho)
The £16.56 is no problem....but I say hold off on paying up NRU..Lets see this 'Operation Ban the coco Mac'...I reckon hes all bluff (and cakes too by the looks of it :p )

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