Sometimes you see something that make you go...

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Dropped the wife off at the railway station and saw something on the way back that makes you think are you really sure they (you will know who I mean) live in Germany!

So, I give you the trailer for "The Dog Stalker"

And the sequel - The Dog Stalker 2 (yes it is meant to be rubbish)!

Can you tell I am trying to avoid housework!

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lol first video i had to breath heavily ;)

but the second dog stalker trailer :D i couldnt stop laughing - great work glen
Just found the templates in iMovie for trailers. Each has a storyboard that you add clips to and then just change any wording you want. Next time I'm playing I will get some clips and see what other stories can be made. "Julia" and some of the other text was already in there so I just left it in there. Makes me smile and I have seen it a few times now! Easily amused I guess.
Doesn't actually take to long to create them. It was just funny seeing so many Labs out for a walk. Just before I saw those for someone had a pair of them too. Normally see packs of huskies about. There is about four packs that I see being walked. Can't imagine why they would be popular up here! :D

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