Sometimes my job is nice

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25 Apr 2012
Peterborough, UK
This was the sunset in Cowes on the Isle of Wight tonight.

watugi you will have to drop in at my place ... sunset is like that every night over the see view :)
@CRN - no mate it's a work patrol boat, 42 metres, worth about 6 million pounds - wish it was mine LOL. I do have my own boat but she is a lot smaller only 10metres.
@Nurse Mari - I was thinking we should have an NRU cruise !
@watugi i live in the midlands and ill passing through peterborough on monday on my way to Norfolk for a week :cool:

Well staffordshire in the midlands to be precise
Re : Sometimes my job is nice

very nice ;) ,thank you for sharing with us Watugi ,have you seen the green flash as in pirate Caribbean
anyone is welcome at mine , but near liverpool ...
graham shame but you are about 180miles away .
rommelz just leave the viking axe at home ...... in fact no bring the enormous fekker ... cool :)
here is the sunset below last night one of the best .bit too early ... and yes that is the sea 250 meters away .... fuc global warming we will float , but my little boy was worried about his toys getting washed away :)

and it nearly blinded me takin it lol


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Very nice Rich, im jealous. :p My view of windows is so depressing yard of apartment house so i never open my curtains. :D
wtf do u wanna go to Norfolk for andy??? you know it's just like deliverance across the border from me in Norfolk!!
wtf do u wanna go to Norfolk for andy??? you know it's just like deliverance across the border from me in Norfolk!!

Gonna make you squeal like a pig boy hihihihihhiihihi
Or get dumplings chucked at us (Being that norfolk is famous for dumplings and inbred cocks etc :alien:)

But seriously it a beautiful part of the UK Sheringham and cromer always go there at least once a year, lovely place lovely people.......
Wells next the sea
Dont bother with great yarmouth to commercial
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@Rich - mate I would drive 180 miles to see that view.
Always possible we could end up in Liverpool docks one day ....... we could go for a few bevvies.
i am allways up for a few bevvies :)
if you ever dock up here, send me a pm :)
we used to take the kids on our hols to cromer area, had some lovely vacations.... when the weathers good.

Next week we fly to Riviera maya, mexico

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