...some Words To All Bf4 Players :)

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NRU Heed
its some kind of "open letter to all" lol

our server is always known as we have fair rules, fair and friendly admins, fair and friendly players. admins caring about the player, balance and at all, everyone have fun.

at the same point we have also days everyone is a bit salty or we have a bit pissed atmosphere on the server. thats normal in the same way, we have the other days everything is fine and we all loving each other. ( ok, expect the naked, oiled and shaved fins lol )

we normaly trying to get the server balanced same way as the autobalance is doing there job but you always have some rounds ending up with 500:0 or something like that. that normal and nothing new. reason is mostly because on some maps, some strong squads ( NRU or non NRU ) doing some good teamplay. maybe in tank, heli or elsewhere. but this is how the game works. what shall a admin do in this situation? switch to the other site to support the loosing team?? maybe, but is it fair to demand from a admin to leave his own squad and stop his own playing with friends to make a better balance? guess not. i think the admins have the same rights to have a nice round and playing with there friends and i see a lot of them switching to the other site if it is possible. the same rights player have to play with there friends and they also asking a lot to get switched back or into the team there friends are playing. surely, that is not always good for the balance but what shall we do? we could say, no, no switching at this point because of the balance, maybe it is possible sometimes to say this but if you are a player and you got this anwer from the admin, you are also pissed.

so don´t blame them if the server is not in a perfect balance every round. i play this game for over 12 years now, BF2, BFBC2, BF3,BF4 and also BF1, never having a perfect balanced server there and i can really say, NRU server are one of the best balanced i am playing on because there is nearly always a admin on to take care.

to being a admin is not a easy job. i guess a player who never had been a admin on a server can not understand this. you have to try to doing everything right, looking at the rules, assuage all players and gratify all player requests. beside all of this, you trying to have a nice game for yourself and play with your friends.

at this point, it is sometimes very exhausting and after his, annoying, if some player talking/asking admins to doing this or that. its nice to give the admin some info about rulebreaking players but please try to give this in a helpfull way. for example it is hard for a admin to handle something like "admin, someone is shooting out of the base". as a admin you don´t know is it a heli, a tank, Arty or just a sniper or even, from with base?? so what should you do with that message as a admin?
more helpfull would be, not to post every short bullet or rulebreaking into the chatbox as a admin message but rather with more infos for the admins like "tank is shooting from US base" or something like that. even more helpfull it is if you give the playername at all. so its easy to handle and most time the player is reading his name, he got the hind and leaving the redzone. in this case its not even necessary that the admin is doing something.

that also avoids that a admin have to have all this admin works. sure we have only a handfull and easy rules and also some truisms like being nice in game. but at the same way we are playing a marture 18+ game so there will be some swearing or some pissed comments ingame from time to time. in my eyes nobody, player or admins, should not admin every little comment. sometimes it is just right to close your eyes and doing your own game. a ingame discuss is mostly not going everywhere.
Very nice text Laka!
About the bad words, basically if someone says something connected with your or someone else's mom/sister, it's probably a U16 year old kid....Because there isn't many grow up people who directly say bad words connected to someones mother

Bad words are always going to be subjective. The F word is in the game so in general is probably OK in many case but context is important. Someone saying You F****** C*** probably crosses the line. Generally sweary stuff needs to be down to the individual person. If another admin finds a line has been crossed then other admins should support them or just keep quiet. Admins contradicting each other isn't a good idea.

Anything abusive related to family or relatives or cancer comments should be a kick and possibly a ban.

Laka' s comments are very sensible and to the point. We need to be able to have our sensible pants on when appropriate and other times just have fun.
to awoid all the wrong stuff as a admin i try to wait out and see whats happening before saying or doing anything.... but u are right Glen "Anything abusive related to family or relatives or cancer" it should be kick or a ban if the person dont give up... i think we need to have a little meeting in clan online to get all the rules and other stuff fixed and so on maybe when we have fun night we can take a moment to air all the fucked up stuff and then its start from the beginning
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