[Guide] Some tips for commander skills (and more)


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16 Oct 2012
yes, but only because the other team was so horrible shit lol remember one that we won and the oponent team was soooo pissed that there was a lot of insult lol

Well I only played one clan match with NRU against pro team. Their understanding of fun match was not a "league" match.
So they driven in on Karkand with their tourbus with 2 people and a 50cal and killed a whole squad of 6 doing so(we all have been in almost perfect cover in theory). Somebody of our clan then shouted something racist ;)
That was the end of the clan match effectiveley.

We indeed should search a clan that takes the game as serious as we do or just have fun losing on a 10000000 ticket server;)

I had a lot of fun in bf2 fun nights with teamkillchallenge and stuff :D Fighting in uncaps which where better modelled than the rest of the map :D
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28 Jun 2020
Update :

I- All commander's skills :

A- Basic skills

1- Surveillance drone : it's the tool most used by the commander. Once deployed, the drone instantly displays all the enemy troops present in its range on the mini player map, even if the enemy troops are equipped with supressors. Its recharging time is almost instantaneous.

This drone can be destroyed by players by firing on it or with AA missiles.

2- EMP drone : this drone is very important, it's the shield of the troops. It allows several things:

Counter an enemy surveillance drone
Destroy a cruise missile
Damage an AC-130.

When deployed, the EMP drone hides all allied troops within its range on the enemy mini-map, but it also hides all enemy troops on the enemy commander's map. The enemy commander then finds himself blind. Its recharging time is important compared to its usefulness.

This drone can be destroyed by players by firing on it or with AA missiles.

3 - Evacuation order: apparently simple, this order is important, it allows your commander to warn you of a nearby danger, the imminent arrival of an enemy cruise missile or the presence of troops at a specific point. If you are at the location of a proximity order, you should leave the area !

4 - Squad Leader Order: You are used to it, your squad leader can give you orders to go and capture a flag and earn important bonus points. But the commander himself can also send orders to squad leaders who can either accept or refuse. In general, if your commander is good, and you receive an order, it means this is important. Think that he can see the whole map at any time while you are on the battlefield, you only see your mini map.

5 - Proximity attack: It's an important tool, like a VETO for the United Nations. This skill allows your commander to instantly cancel all actions of the enemy commander, be it a cruise missile, an AC-130, drones, etc., all actions of the enemy commander are canceled and suspended for a period of 15 seconds. The enemy commander cannot take any action during this time. 15 seconds doesn't seem like much, but it can change a lot on the battlefield. Its recharging time is very important.

6- VIP marker: when an enemy player carries out an important killstreak, he becomes a threat to your team by his efficiency. Your commander can then mark it as VIP. The player will then be visible to everyone and the objective will be to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Eliminating the VIP earns you bonus points.

B- Flags skills

These are skills that the commander can only use with your help. To do this, you must capture the appropriate flag for the skill. Indeed some flags have a small icon next to it which indicates which bonus they bring to the commander, it is therefore important to have them under control, because if your commander cannot use them, that means that it is the enemy commander who use it against you. Think about it.

7 -Cruise missile: it is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the game, depending on the size of the map, it takes more or less time to reach its target. The cruise missile cannot lock on a target, it is the commander who manually determines the target. It is better not to stupidly click on a flag and send the missile but to observe the map and send it to a strategic location. Its explosion radius is relatively small but it will destroy everything on its target (vehicles included). It generates an explosion identical to the hidden bombs on Golmud railway.

It can be destroyed by players by firing on it, or by sending AA missiles.

Its recharging time is relatively long.

8 - Gunship (AC-130): dangerous against infantry, this automatically piloted vehicle will move in rotation of the map continuously. It can include three players, three shooters for three different calibers: tank shells, VCI shells and a minigun.

It can be destroyed by players by firing on it, or by sending AA missiles.

Its recharging time is relatively long but shorter than for a cruise missile.

9 - Infantry scan: scanning for enemy foot-mobile infantry. This scan wipes laterally across the battlefield from left to right.

10 - Vehicle scan: a separate scan for enemy vehicles, running from bottom to top.

C - Command skills

Command points: these are special skills of the commander which are only available if your commander scores points regularly. The commander can spend these points for skills. Each of these skills has a different cost, higher or lower.

11 - Squad Promotion: each soldier, whatever his class, has specializations which offer bonuses according to the points you score in game. At each level you earn one of the bonuses for your specialization. Here the commander can directly give you a specialization promotion without you having to score points. The promotion only applies to the selected squad.

Cost: 1/4 of the command bar.

12 - Ammunition drop: your commander can send a large stock of ammunition to any location. In addition to being able to reload all your weapons, this pack allows you to change classes. Indeed you can spawn as a sniper and become an engineer. To do it, simply approach the package and press the key indicated. Note that enemies can also restock from your own command ammo crate.

Cost: 2/4 of the command bar.

13 - Squad reinforcement: here the commander can cancel the redeployment delay required before reappearing. You can therefore reappear instantly after your death for a limited time. This effect only applies to the selected squad.

Cost: 3/4 of the command bar.

14 - Vehicle drop: here the commander can drop a light vehicle, quad, personal watercraft (PWC) or a snowmobile. The dropped vehicle will automatically adapt to where it is dropped. Ex: if dropped over water it will be a PWC, etc.

Cost: 4/4 from the command bar.
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29 Jul 2020
Think we need to set up a clan match with.
the second best server ever.
against the NRU.
With Lord I know it’s ours for the taking.
we got really good players on NRU so why not.
how about an inter clan match up ??