some bf relatet music

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8 Nov 2013
1. is for classicfans. in my opinion the best
bf themesongversion

[video=youtube;BdXEtTWEVtkgreat][/video] sadly they didnt played it when i was in concert

2. one from London Philharmonic Orchestra and Andrew Skeet


and another classic one but with not so a good sound


and for the people who are able to understand german

The Saw

they have several songs about videogames and bf like the antitank, bf2, der sanit├Ąter (the medic), comandern00b, euroforcetrack,du noob (you noob)...
ill just will post a few if you are interestet lokk on youtube

antitank: [video=youtube;RcF-Ir1wLks][/video]

a song about bf2142, schnee gegen sand ( snow agains sand): [video=youtube;FJm6c8VTBus][/video]

if you know songs about bf ore covers from themes plz post them, i collect them

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