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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
London, England

The new Sim city coming out in March looks really good and interesting.
Have Sim City 4, and really liked it, and this looks 100 times better :)
Any one else a fan?
The only problem is, it looks highly addictive, so I may never play BF3
again if I do get it!
Yus had it since 2000 lots of fun and this one looks a lot better than shitty sim city societies
i loved sim city what a great game i even dabbled in the sims when it first came out ... i know i know *Blush*
i liked the ones before sim city 2000..

but more like a game my son prefers. sim city, civ, mount & blade, sims etc..
mari is gonna have a supermarket for sure
i'll visit Maris hospital with sexy nurses..

Get some treatment and ... make all the bad things go away..
Depends what you take as payment.. :p
Mari.. how do you put up with all the sexual innuendos?
dark dont let her fool u shes just as bad as us lads :)
I played a Sim's once and it included one of my greatest gaming moments, my kitchen caught on fire once and ended up killing one of my two main characters, this male character then went on to haunt the rest of the other female characters game during the night, it was amazing.

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