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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
View attachment 9711The 1st car I owned was one similar to this back in 1998... an old 1989 Ford Fiesta 1.8 Diesel. It had a top speed of 92mph and I blew it up going up the High Wycombe Hill on the M40! Was doing 89mph in the fast lane with no issues, but got closed down by a BMW and a Jag having a race. Couldn't pull in due to other traffic, so put my foot down flat... I got it up to 98mph, then they (and everyone else) backed off. I was spewing diesel everywhere!!! It then began to lose power and eventually came to a smokey, smelly stop and was dead. lol!!! :ROFLMAO:
Guessing that was a little while ago. Nowadays that hill always seems to be monitored by speed camera vans.
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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Got it yesterday, still trying to get used to it, feels too sophisticated and quiet and lacks that "Grrr" I used to get from my old girl 😂.
On paper it is supposed to be better, performance wise 7.3s 0-60mph top 146mph compared to 8.0s 0-60mph and 130mph.
The old girl had 10 switchable maps
1-4 (detune) you could let your granny drive it.
5 - Standard car specs
6 - Slight performance boost + fuel economy
7 - All round sweet spot good performance + 20% fuel saving
8 - If you wanted to race
9 - Loony mode, felt like it wants to pick a fight with everyone (clutch/gearbox wrecker)
10 - Unusable, mad but used to trip limp mode after a minute or two.
But its gone :cry:
Grow up you old BoyRacer and get used to it :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.
Looked all round and could not find a single mark on the new one, inside and out, immaculate.
Here's a couple of pics (y)
View attachment 9722
View attachment 9723
View attachment 9724
View attachment 9726
Getting flashbacks to when I used to have to do those photoshoots. The back seat photo should have been rejected! 😁 Nice looking car though.


NRU Member
10 Jun 2021
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
That's beautiful I always wanted one!
it's the DOHC VTI, completely clear down-pipe, no cat. sounded amazing, that metallic rattling... but it would need a few more stuff, it's not that powerful once you get used to it... it had around 170hp
it has the MS-Design bumperkits, smoked taillight blinkers and foglight, needed just 16inch rims, here i had 15inch, but with tires 205/50, lowered(on the front corners of the bumpers, close to the wheels it had 5cm from the ground), changes alot the original look.
Sem Título.png
actually the only vid i got from it is when it had busted injectors, i recorded it for the mechanic to know what was going on, it was loosing so much power, and noone could find what was going on, not even Honda, they said it was because of the clear exhaust.... yeah a honda loosing power cuz of clear exhaust?!...-.-" found one mechanic that smelled the oil and told me, you need injectors xD...
here it is struggling with busted injectors. Fixed them it touched 240kmh again, faster and that rev rattle at 9000rpm...
if you find one in good condition, i advise you to get it, these cars handle soooo much, reliable asf and cheap maintenance/parts!
10years daily driven, apart for small wear parts that needed a replacement, since i got it used(and their all cheap compared to nowadays cars, and compared to diesel cars lets not even discuss prices...). nothing ever to point out.

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