shall we take metro out of rotation

metro out of map rotation?

  • yes

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • no

    Votes: 12 75.0%
  • i dont care

    Votes: 2 12.5%

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Who is reading chatlog?
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28 Jun 2020
lol what?

Metro is good to play from time to time, we can decompress while tripping over @RIZLOID claymores everywhere. It's a big mess but this is the fun of this map. Sometimes with some cocks we are waiting for the "daily metro" so it's a big NO for me.

and it is ending up in baserape in 90% of time.
Well, here in my opinion this is totally wrong, we are not playing on the same Metro map.

YES, sometimes teams are unbalanced, or really unbalanced and YES admins have to use nuke or swapnuke.

BUT, sorry but after looooots of rounds on Metro, I can definitely affirm that most of the time there is no baserape but just a really big mess around the flag Bravo. And it's something nice and fun to see a team able to make a great come back and finally winning the round even if the other team was winning during the whole begin of the round. And here you can see epic things like 1-0 tickets.

Same for teamplay, it's only corridors OK, but with a nice squad you can reverse the whole round and here is a good point. Even if it's a brainless map for some players, it's still a fun one for me, because this is one of the map I enjoy the most playing with my cocksquad. <3

This is also the map where lots of players can unlock lots of assignements easily.

So it's a no for me.
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