see who speaks ?

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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
hi all ,
remaining in the game ,(without reducing the game to see the page teamspeack ),can you see who speaks teamspeack ?
talking about bf2 here sam' ... hi nao07 i dont think it does but my voice is very distinct so you will recognise me :}
Silly me always assume it's bf3 now lol still it should work in BF2 as well
Looked at the same one. Best info of this prog from one of the reviews:


It Works but keep it up-to-date
First the CON: Not all the characters show up. Special characters, specifically. Might be a matter of selecting the correct font in PlayClaw.

OTHER COMMENTS: I had PlayClaw a few months ago. I got a new hard drive and reinstalled everything. It worked once again, but then I didn't use TeamSpeak for another few weeks and when I launched TS and looked at the plugins, it said the PlayClaw plugin was invalid. This problem was easily fixed by reinstalling PlayClaw and copying the new file over to the correct directory. I'm guessing the need for the PlayClaw update was because of the TS3 update as well.

I don't have the registered version, just the free unregistered one. The only difference is that you'll see text where the names on TS that are talking, pop up and it will say "Unregistered". It's a minor nuisance but I can live with it.

Note that you copy the right file over. First of all, get the correct version of TS3 for your computer (32-bit or 64-bit). There are separate files for 32-bit and 64-bit that you will need depending on the version of TS3 you install. If you have a 64-bit machine, install the 64-bit TS3 and copy over the 64-bit PlayClaw plugin.

I now know who is talking while in game. Love it! "

So... the trial version is worth a test i believe.

other alternatives:
- if with friends use skype it should have the overlay popup of who's shouting in your ear.
- be a nut and plug a second monitor if you have a spare as slave clone and put the progs like xfire, teamspeak etc on that and see it all.

But with one monitor Playclaw looks like a good options. haven't tested it myself though.
Re : see who speaks ?

thank samoz83 ,i have been to see the link ,without having to download additional software , is there a manipulation on teamspeack to do in order to see ?
There should be one built in if you go to Settings - and tick the box TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin. I've never used it and it might get you kicked by PB (it also says banned but I would find that surprising if you were) I've heard reports it doesn't work with BF2 in the older versions.
Re : Re: see who speaks ?

thank geno ,expliquation very good i have a 64-bit computer so i pray TS3 64-bit,but can you explain to me ,your say _ (and copy over the 64-bit playclaw plugin)
means see TS first installed correct 64bit also.

then after it "install" Playclaw.. which prob means files for this plugin must be moved or like they say copied over to the Teamspeak installation directory/folder.

Re : see who speaks ?

thank you geno ,sam ,and sorry for stupid question ,but as i am ordinary zero ,i am now obliged to ask a stupid question to be really safe ...
i'll look at all your advice and make a choice ,but if you have any other advice let me know .thank you..........

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