searching for a dvd / movie

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NRU Heed
my wife is looking at some labrador training dvd. it is some UK / irish dog trainer. here in germany you got it only at one shop and here it cost nearly 120.- euro for the 4 dvd box. Mathews

luckily someone of you had this dvd still at home and will sell it or maybe.... lol would be really a fluke. lol

or maybe knowing a shop or link where i get it "cheaper". :D

my wife will be eternally grateful. :alien:

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Check torrent-sites? How about visiting some second hand bookshops or internet auction places like ebay?
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15 Mar 2012
You can get some nice hits with "doggy style" but it might be hard to find the exact dvd.

can't find a good torrent.. maybe best to get the 4 disc collection.. we like to watch cesar milan and victoria stillwell for good tips.. there might be some books on the training too at the library?


NRU Heed
Re: AW: searching for a dvd / movie

hmm ich hab ma bei Usenext geschaut da gibt es nur ANAL TRAINING

lmao cock, bite me.

think its too special to find it at some torrent site. beside this i am too stupid for that lol

its not alone the tips in there geno. just the pictures and landscapes are amaizing in that dvd.


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