Scatha taken to hospital

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Friend of the NRU
2 May 2012
Dear clan members, regulars and friends, Scatha informed me that he had to go to hospital.

Because of his terrible pains his doctor arranged everything for him and had him sent to the clinic where he is being treated now.
The strongest painkillers did not help him anymore.
Perhaps he has to undergo back surgery, yet he could not tell me more, as he didn’t know the results of the CT scan and the X-ray examination.

He wanted me to tell you that he would be away for quite a while.

Let’s hope that the doctors may find a way to ease his pain and that he will feel better soon.
Yeah thanks for the information. Sounds bad, hope he will get well soon. All the best Scatha mate :nurse:
AW: Re: Scatha taken to hospital

we allready miss ya phillipo,get well soon and go back to the fight or you`ll be shot lol :)
Scatha, we are thinking of you.
Get well soon, my friend.
Scatha!!.......stop eating to much pralines,that not good

I wish you a speedy recovery.....u neighbour
get well soon buddy bet hes only going to perv at the nurses:)
ask them for a tea bag eh buddy:)
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Thank you for the info Lady, and mr Scatha hope you get well soon my friend! All the best!
a good recovery phillipe and thank you my friend you choose manuela for this mission statements for us ...
hope the best for you phillipe ...
Odp: Scatha taken to hospital

Thanks for the information Manuela. Scatha back to the form I hope the pain will pass quickly
Hold on
Thank you very much for your kind words, gentlemen.

If only knowing that someone cares about you would help the healing process, Filip should be feeling better by far.
Unfortunately things aren’t always that easy, so I do hope that the doctors may alleviate his pains and that there will soon be brighter times ahead for him.
As soon as I have more news I (or he himself) will let you know.

Thanks again for your heartfelt wishes and thoughts.
AW: Scatha taken to hospital

Vielen Dank für diese Information..... habe mich schon gefragt wo er ist.
Ich hoffe das ihm geholfen wird und das er heil und gesund wieder kommt.
Ich möchte noch sehr oft bei BF2 mit ihm zusammen spielen.
Alles, alles gute von Mr.Sigma......
tell the cock to get his ass back asap

He is officially my number 1 target nowadays- he got lucky a few days ago and bagged me multiple times due to him having an entourage of bitches reviving him

So massive payback is due in the form of my oversized nutsack bearing down on his forehead...revenge will be swift and deadly mwuahuauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Good luck mr Scatha even though you might not read it i will pray for you agnostic guy ;)

Yeap i need him to tbagg spunks thats for sure the case ;)

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