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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
My Mum just found a box of slides that were taken in the mid to late 1960's!! Just finished scanning them in. Some are out of focus, others are a bit dusty and some are just... Have tidied them up a reasonable amount but some are not worth spending too much time on. So if you fancy having a laugh....

very nice and you can already see the glen from today in the pics :) always a bit melancholic feeling to look at the old "pics" but its nice to have them and remembering to one or the other time.

we had also "slides" ( think it called DIA here. guess its the same?!? ). hundrets or maybe thouthends of them. my dad scanned them all some year back and made some DVD´s from them so its nice to have them. so maybe some time again to have a look.... :)

thanks for sharing glen.

i will have a look at mine if there is something "interesting" to post lol
Funny how when you edit them you don't notice the actual photos. Then you view them properly and oh I wish I hadn't shared them! Look like such a prick in them. Definitely moody but that red T-shirt.... :eek:


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