russian dash cam

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there are so many russian dashcam videos out there in youtube. most of them are just "strange" lol if you see how the russians are driving there you tempted to think all russian have to be dead in short time, killed by car accidents lol
I've driven in loads of countries and continents but I think I will give Russia a miss! You are right about them being "strange" though (as above). Makes you wonder how many incidents are vodka induced (sorry for stereotyping Russian behaviour) when you see the way they drive, the pedestrians that get near-missed and all the other stuff.
Re : russian dash cam

Mickey Mouse and his friends are now in Russia and have fallen into the vodka trap, depressed by Tinker Bell and other new Disney heroes' success !!!
Poor life !

You just have to see how strange their president is ! Have to be very strange to elect someone like that !
Corrupted alcoholic policemen ...

Now, in France, we have a limp driving, such as our president !


If muslims are still in XIII[SUP]th[/SUP] Century, Russia is not yet in XXI[SUP]st[/SUP] one !
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Odp: russian dash cam

Lol Russia is a state of mind. Here dude talking through a pack of cigarettes :)

Thats the new Marlboro smart phone.....all the rage, order yours now for christmas. :popcorn:
lol this reminds me off:

i know this is probably old .... but gold ;)

Re : russian dash cam

Excellent !!!
I'll do that next time I'll be controlled : drinking the alcohol tester and phoning with my pack of cigarets !!!
They will get me to the asylum !!!...

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