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30 Jul 2017
Hi people of NRU.

After a talk with lama and laka, i guess its time to apply and join the NRU family, if i get accepted that is.

Personal info:

First name : Stein Tore
Age : 43 (i think, getting old)
Occupation : Truck Driver (love the freedom beeing on the road.)
Country: Norway (born 30km from North cape. live in south west part now)
ingame name: Halojs21
Gaming History: Started with a Vic 20 and then i was sold.
Clan history: Been away from PC gaming for a long time now. Was active in clan in games like R6:Raven Shield,BF 2 and WoW.
Admin history: Yes. I been admin on servers for BF2 and R6 and we took cheating serious and used anti cheat detection software on servers. (like PB)

why i wanna join NRU?

Well, since i got back into PC gaming and BF4 i been mostly playing on NRU server. I tested alot of different servers before i found NRU server, and now i just stay on it.
I like the chill and relaxed attitude the members of clan got.

Got banned or cheated?

In my 30+ years of gaming i never cheated in a online game, but i been kicked and banned from lots of server, coz admins didnt like me and my friends.

See you guys ingame.


Edit: My GOD LIKE stats: :D :D

Halojs21 - Battlelog / Battlefield 4
holy crap..he really done it :D

ok, i does some background checks and don´t find anything that could avoid your application lol so i will start a voting and after 3 days you will get the result. ;)

What, didny my GODLIKE stats, scare you ? :D

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