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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
My internet connection has been acting up more and more and the conclusion (after some support calls) was that my now 7-8 year old router was destined for recycling. After some googling etc. found this little beuty: Networking | RT-AC68U | ASUS Global

Installing took some time but reward was prompt: stable, fast and easy to handle with graphical UI. The wireless is also great.

Sure, it's not very cheap but I reckoned it was worthwhile.
Routers are suddenly being designed rather than looking like a beige box. Looks nice with nice specs too. I changed recently to an AC router and the difference is huge if you have AC devices. I'm getting whatever broadband speed I get wifi. Hope it improves your game too!
A very nice bit of kit but I have never trusted WiFi for my computer, always wired to router, everything else in the house uses the WiFi. If and when I lost connection I would be wondering if it was the WiFi or the incoming cable. I have lost connection on the WiFi, easily fixed with a router restart but the wired part continues to work regardless.
I dont know what my router is, its got Virgin Media on it and looks like a giant black air freshner :p
I have a Virgin Media router but only run it in modem mode and use a separate router for ethernet and wireless connections. Only do that because the Virgin Media hub I have is old and a pile of shite and they wanted be to pay if I wanted to upgrade it. Works OK as a "modem" but as a router/Wifi hub it is mince and they never keep up with recent standards etc. Poor WiFi speeds were the main reason I switched it to modem only. Only phones and tablets are wifi connected and everything else that needs high bandwidth is wired.
As Glen says: PC/Gaming all via wire, iPads and smartphones via wifi - works fine. Tried to run games via wireless and was killed more than ever :(

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