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I suggest setting server to all maps (vanilla + all expansions ) with map vote but i would do it little later. I see that when not-Premiums starts play Final stand as good chance get players in, favorite us and return server. Our server is been easier to start near times after Final stand release, i think we should try take full advantage of FS hype for making our server popular. :p
we can put 2 or 3 other maps into the rotation. so with votemap a final stand map is always a option and can be voted.

sounds great do some vanilla in! Final stand only is boring and i dont like hammerhead and whiteout
Locker draws em in but most leave when non inf map loads. Zavod n fswn braker are good ones
Make it a no kill, no vehicle, Final Stand Whiteout only, dog tag search. Now that would be popular.... :)

I think with there being Final Stand based assignments it is worth having those in but some of the others like Zavod, and Caspian would mix it up a bit.
Re : Rotation

What about having 2 22 slots servers instead of 1 rarely fully filled 44 slots !
It could be cool to run one conquest mode and another one with other game modes (e.g. without vehicles ...) !
I like idea of splitting slots to 2 servers. Then some too small conquest maps does not go to spawnrape/camping fest and mixed mode server could run more inffanny based maps and different modes. But we have to think maps and modes carefully, for example Rush and Paracel storm is terrible idea. Chainlink at Dragons teeth maps, Rush at Zavod and Dawnbreaker, Conquest at Locker and Metro etc... Capture the flag or Obliteration would be worth of trying at wide maps like Golmud railway, Caspian border etc... :p Some maps with different game modes what are impossible to play with too much players would be nice entertaining action and something different if compared to Conquest all day every day. And im quite sure more inffanny based server would be very popular. :p

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