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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
close to reindeers
This guy is a total 4 star retard. He has been kicked/banned so many times on our server (Jalalalalalalala) for fighting as a commander, forced team killing and so on, that even users on NRU can't cover the number.. He always figures something new. If not retarding on the server, he will post cheater/hacker nonsense posts on forums. He played tonight at Jallabadalala map and forced this one tank hugger (KILLA dude) to tk him, who reported him couple of times... Just a warning... :)

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I know that guy crn: He breaks often rules, sleeps or fights as commander, sometimes is tomcruise... Kicked him several times but often he stays away after couple kicks.
Re : Ros71

i also agree that this guy is a big asshole disruptive ...........more radical solution might be to reflect the .(??)

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