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is this the right word for "rollbraten"? i don´t know. lol but i just started to make some nice 1,3 kg pork roast and throw it into the oven. now its needs just 3 hours of slow baking with around 120° so we get some nice dinner. hopefull after this time with baking on such a low temperature it will be so soft and tender. :D


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Just registered Will have a look at doing something with it. :D

Me and the wife are at the airport and on our way, that was an invite wasn't it?

Looks really good, sooo looking forward to trying it.
We don't need an airport...

And if the food isn't up to standard we will have to use the pointy thing...


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so, here we go. after 3 hours dinner was ready. :D

slow baked roll-fry, some carrots also baked in there and some bacon dumplings. made some nice gravy from some of the carrots, onions, apples and tomatoes which alltogether were into the oven.


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Last Topics from Lakay " roll fry" " bread making" " yoghurt making" ... do you only have eating/food in mind ? :joker:
thought this thread is about the good old rollfly with the bf2 heli :)

looks delicous. maybe i could get some kilos back which i trained away with jogging and yoga. lost 15 kilos the last 4 weeks.
from 110 to 95 kilos. woop woop.
was that coment overoptimistic? :)
You need to get a slow cooker and slow cook some beef
Then pull it & put it on top of some buttery mash (Add hole grain mustard to mash if you want) and sweet potato mash as well on the side, use the left over liquid to make a really strong gravy and pour over the top

Or just do a classic pulled pork dish
Either way there all melt In the mouth dishes (Moreish food)
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