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EL Claymortarer
NRU Member
10 Oct 2012
New board, cpu, psu and new graphics. Ordered BF4 coming tuesday. So rub lots of cream on your faces so as not to rough up LE BALLS when I :tbag: u.....:p
I need new keyboard after some time, i bet old one have soon veeery worn loose left CTRL. :tbag:
that is nice to see more and more guys playing bf4 now. even more if bf2 looks totaly dead now and bf3 is more unbaalanced with the jets and heli predominance. i mention bf4 is the best battlefield at the moment.

for this guys who not know if they like it or if it works on your pc, you can download it for free and try it a hole week. think this is a very nice way to test it.

Having occasionally tried BF3 again and enjoyed the rounds, BF4 seems to be a more balanced game. It does depend on the map and some can be easily dominated by air vehicles but many are large enough to just let them have their own game. Whilst BF4 does need some power in the PC running at lower settings doesn't detract from the gameplay that much. In game you are more concerned about the bullets coming your way rather than the details in the flowers or the reflections in the water.

BF3 also seems to attract some of the more uncouth gamers that have more fun being annoying and abusive than actually playing the game!
BF4 Premium Edition hopefully give me a better start. Put the kettle on TBag time :tbag:
Just installed it but too late to play now.
Im not the read the instructions type of guy, I go straight in and find out the hard way :cool:
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Always good to hear of our members getting bf4.see you on the battlefield mate!
Nice little game earlier with some of the boys until the game died on me with some Direct X error again. Thanks Andy for my first ever knife kill in BF4 :p
Dont shoot me down as the answer is probably staring me in the face but I havent found it yet.
How do you vote for next map ?
When it comes up I go into this hectic button press and then its gone.....thought better to ask (and be gentle with me) LOL
Usually a /1 (or whatever the map number is when you see the list). Some servers have a slight variation where you don't need the / in front of the number.

You are only stupid if you don't ask the question. You get stupid answers from stupid people!
Thanks Glen thats another box ticked. I found F for the knife by accident which should help as I normally stand behind the enemy scroling through the weapons (usually the wrong way) looking for the knife and needless to say get spotted and killed before I can find it. BF4 is also ruining my BF2 play as I tend to press Space for the parachute and "SPLAT". :???:
if you have a gaming mouse with a scrollwheel ( mostly with a push function ) you can set the knife if you push at the scrollwheel. :) very helpfull for a fast attack.

You know what mouse Ive got...... same as yours.
Anti C4 and anti Magnum key is needed!

I have reload and melee on the mouse. The knife counter F is so random it is stupid.

Using V for the distance on sniper rifles is one I only learnt recently, or fire mode with auto weapons.

BF4 seems quite mature now though occasionally get a BF4 has stopped. It can still through some stupids, today I was trying to get M39 head shots. As most were on the roof Andy seemed to be the only target. One time I was almost placing the barrel next to his head and it took three shots for a kill. Yet another time I just roughly pointed in the direction of someone about 30 metres away and got a one shot kill! You still get objects and terrain floating in the air but that is always going to happen but it does seem to be better than the beta feel of when it was launched.
I have reload and melee on the mouse. The knife counter F is so random it is stupid.

Using V for the distance on sniper rifles is one I only learnt recently, or fire mode with auto weapons.

I think putting reload, knife or what ever to mouse buttons is bad idea. If you have to change your grip even little to hit little mouse buttons you have not best possible reaction time and shooting accuracy if you get in surprising situation right after reload. Keyboard hand can deal with all stuff like reload, knife, grenade etc so much faster and your right hand can focus just to aim and shoot.

That changing of shooting distance when sniping is useless, you just lose your chance to take shot if you do that. Its much easier do like in BF3, quick approximate guess how far enemy guy is and how much you have to shoot above target on longer ranges. Just take shot and try again more up/down. I think SRR-61 have smallest bullet drop and one of highest bullet velocity values so its easiest sniper gun becouse you need compensate less its drop.

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