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31 Jul 2021
Hello all!
Been thinking this whole evening what to write. To sum up NRU in one sentence i would probably say "Came for bf4, stayed for people". NRU is such a special group of people, getting to know all of you slowly, playing with you guys just.. it makes my day. I cant wait to jump on a server and see all the people there, it just fills me up with good feels. I have been playing and learning the game for nearly 300 hours now, and have a long way to go to be on the level of you guys but slowly skill will come. I don't know, but sometimes, when im really bad in the game it means alot to have support and understanding and in NRU people really see each other, something I appreciate really a lot. In short, you guys matter in my life.

Some of you know me better some less. For those who dont, Im the loud one on the server yapping away and jumping headlesly while trying to knife air around an enemy XD. On a serious note, im far from the best player, but I allways try to find ways to help the squad or open another lane for the objective. I love playing objective and sniping. But no matter the class i mostly enjoy nice teamplay with the squad. If i see someone feeling bad I have a habbit of jumping in and trying to cheer the mood. As for moderating, i have been administrator in ARMA 3 servers, so I have some experience managing a server. I have learned a lot from mods in NRU and believe i could moderate well. Also I work with kids so i have a lot of patience and strong resistance to irritability (most of the time :p ). As for voice chat (like discord) my house organisation is such that i cant use headphones or talk on the net. Hence seeing me type all the time. I know that that is a barrier sometimes and i can come on discord for a talk if someone wants to chat, but i cant do it on regular bassis. Hopefully that situation will change...

NRU, in this short time gave me alot. Community, family, clan, whatever you want to call it, for the first moment in NRU I felt invited and welcomed. I could write paragraphs about NRU and all the flavors it offers with such a nice mix of people, but I wont. I want to show my grattitude by deeds rather than words to give something to the community that already gave me so much.

As for tbagging, im a pure amateur, but learning from the NRU family I am slowly creating my unique tbag signature :)

Honnestly I have no idea what else to write, I trully feel at NRU like home, and every time i log in, or check a site I feel like coming back to my friends, and that is a true NRU tag I wear in my heart. Ty NRU for that <3 If anyone has any questions for me please ask away!

· Name: Matija Bublic
· Age: 36
· Location: Croatia
· All gamer-ID’s used for ONLINE games: Riot_co ; Riot_corp


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7 Jan 2021
South Bohemia
Nice to see your application dear brat hrvat!
Good luck with the vote and see you on the battlefield! (or eventually on Krk where we can smash some parking meters together) 😀
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