Return of the groomer

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15 Mar 2012
locked up in lakaelo shed
so im back lol and with a 42 inch tv included aint bad for £50 all fixed common fault with 42 inch


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good to see you back you knob
Welcome back Lee.

If you at some point use HDMI cable set scaling options in graphics to 0% (been 15% default at least in older drivers so that makes a black frame all around).

Must be a relief to be able to game again?
I hope that TV has a massive response time so you'll be easier to kill :p
@medic 3 months lol to be fair I found a common faults in LCD/plasma TVs so been busy fixing these on my 3rd one now I'm also looking at getting into hydrographics with a friend so if u want your pc shells coated Xbox/ps3 etc fixed hopefully I'm your man lol
@geno setting up hdmi cable now
@ Sam bite me coco
Great to have you back m8!!! hope to catch you on the BF soon, and by the look of that screen you'll be able to enjoy my plums on your face full screen hahaha!!
good to hear u are back in the saddle again Lee! Nice screen u got there i game on a 32 inch lcd pnel and i could never go back to a sub 30 inch screen again.
AW: Return of the groomer

dont talk about that u been back go Online and let u TBag Cock
AW: Return of the groomer

i agree!!! I feel me Ignored ..... u must be at Panic m8, but i want u tbag Smooth and soft, the only important if i tbag u, dont talk with full mouth. hihihihi :D
and now its time to goooooooooo online.... dont talk you are back if u not go Online..........log in and play ^^
welcome back .... is this why people Hereford/Gloucester way can't drive because they sit 2 feet away from massive screens?! lol
the faaaaaaaaanny is back AND return of the Mac in same week...ffs my plums are heavy in anticipation mwuwhauauaaaaa

We've got Shoo&Sam back on BF2 now too so its like the good 'ol days ...all we need now is for Chip,SEK and strudelboy Lakey to return and Im in t-bag heaven

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