Remembering Dave / NUZ001

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Friend of the NRU
2 May 2012
One year ago today, our dear friend Dave (NUZ001) passed away all of a sudden.
He will always be remembered for his amiability, pleasant demeanour, sense of humour and kindness.
Many of us will always treasure the memories of the moments we hold dear.
My thoughts go out to his family, his friends and to all those who were fond of him!
It was a shock to us all he passed away :( Thank you Milady for the touching words - totally with you :( *hug*
dave was always fun to game with and always good to point out cheaters. his great teamplay and great personality showed thru his gamestyle. i can still hear his voice. he was a great game and a good person who left this earth way too soon
I had the honour of speaking with him sommit more then a year on teamspeak (almost every day so I got to know him and his family quite well)

I can still hear him laugh, still hear his words

I miss U Dave, more then U know

I never typed "gg" anymore since U left us, I just couldn't

Many thanks to our dear Lady for this kind reminder of very good friend
U are a very good friend too
Im so new here and i didn't knew him but i see he was loved person. I can think it feels same if something happens to somebody liked member or regular of us. Can i ask what happened to him and how old he was? :(
I don't know is that suitable ask what happened becouse i didn't knew him. But i think he was good NRU-cock and propably friend i never met. :(
Heik, please don't worry, always feel free to ask.
Dave was 49 years old and he passed away because of the side effects caused by some medicine.

Many thanks to all of you.
It really means a lot.
Im so sorry for what happened to him... He was so "young" like several loved "old" good cocks here. :( What kind of medicins he had and what happened?
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sounds like a lovely fellow considering what some of my favourite players have said about him . sorry i never got the chance ....... may he rest in peace .
Sorry, Heik, we don't know. That's what we were told.

Yes, Rich, he was a lovely guy indeed and it is comforting to see that he hasn't been forgotten.
It would be good if we could honor it more. A great player and person. Could we if adding a second bf2 server have his name in it?
i remember that lady and everyone wore his tags for a while, must of been a huge effort for family to thnk to nform everyone and was a big loss of such a nice guy
yea mate, we made a special day and played BF2 with his tags and name when he passed away :(

and couple of days before we had a SF fun night and we played on TS... well... Rest In Peace

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