Red Screen of Death...

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Hi Guys,

Been trying to get some gaming time recently but keep getting hit by RSOD.

Done the usual, update drivers etc but no change, game crashes out after a couple of minutes after a round changing.

Anyone else had this? Any ideas?

Running windows 8 x64, ATi 7850, and lots more stuff that I can't be bothered to type.

Cheers Sam

yeh, using open hardware monitor for temps and usage but temps don't seem to be an issue, G Cards @ 90/100%. Just in the process of updating all motherboard drivers to win08 in case that's an issue.

Any other monitoring software you would suggest?
Have a go at grabbing the error code. Just photograph the rsod :)

Have you been playing around with BIOS?

Maybe try and jump it from the mobo pins or even flash it to a newer version.

And if you keep getting it my guess is hardware failure. Give occt4 a good run on low packet and high packet and see if you can recreate the error.
No no lol I meant turn it off if you do I've seen links between the two
I'd run a 3dmark11 benchmark to begin with as that would eliminate hw failure and dx on gpu. It does checkups prior to start. Could just be a software conflict. Worst case graphic card is shot. It runs other games? Do you have another card to test the same thing with?
OS maybe messed up graphics and corrupted system install, then?

Good to know for future errors like this if someone else gets it. see you on the battlefield when you get time.

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