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26 Aug 2012
Good evening guys,

So after getting back into the NRU servers and lifestyle again over the last couple of days it's made my admin senses tingle (especially after seeing wrongdoing on our server) so I figured I'd reapply to come back after my stint away.

I've had quite a bit of time out due to serious ill health, my PC blowing up pretty much and a few other bits and bats that have kept me away.

I realise that this is a big ask and if you chose not to re-enlist me there will be absolutely no hard feelings at all (perhaps I won't teabag you all).

I'm fairly sure I know most of you guys but for those that don't know me my details are:

User in game: DarkByD3sign
Age - 34
Location - UK

Thanks in advance


NRU Heed
i guess i speek for us all that your status "friend of the NRU" means that there is still a touch. we all know that life is changing often, sometimes in this direction and sometimes in a nother so its fine that you are able to have some more playtime or even pc time again and i think this need no big "reaplication" . just a switch in the settings and you are yellow again :)

welcome back mate (y):tbag: