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Would you like to see pictures of Bald Nicoki after the head shave?

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Hello noobs and noobettes, long time no speaky.

So, in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support and the amazing work that their nurses do, I'm taking on their "Brave the Shave" Month. This means for the next 31 days I'll be trying to raise as much money as possible and then on the 32nd day (22nd August) I will be completely shaving my head.

For those of you noobs who are from other countries and may not know who Macmillan Cancer Support are or what they do let me explain a little. Basically Macmillan Nurses support families of those who are fighting cancer, they offer counseling as well as other forms of support for both you and your family. I feel like their website better describes what they do so I'll just put a little quote from it
"At Macmillan, we know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything and we’re here to support you through. From help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who’ll listen if you just want to talk, we’ll be there."

I think that the work they do is incredible and I support them 100%.

If anyone would like to donate and sponsor me I'll put a link below, and cheers in advance to anyone who does donate.


and although there will be pictures on that link afterwards, I'll put a little poll in as well to see if you guys want to see bald Nicoki, lol.

Cheers Guys and Gals
Just as an extra incentive for you all, I've now said that if I can double my goal and raise £1000 instead of £500, I will dye my hair Green for the week before I shave my hair off. So come on cocks, dig deep and help a good cause, everything is appreciated from a pound to ten.
Yup, I tried too but is too thick to understand how to pay. Seems it's aimed at UK citizens only?
He's also still looking to sell his body too, for this! So where's that Sordids cunt hiding? :D

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